Operation Chaos 2022


By Claudio Resta for VT Italy

The project of the European Union to help and support Ukraine resolved by European and other EU parliaments foresee EU nations will supply Ukraine with light weapons including MANPADS such as Stinger or similar and easy to use is aimed at arming civilians and consequently to turn the territory of Ukraine into the battleground of a new Soviet-Afghan war like 1979-1989 as I have observed recently. A guerrilla warfare.

I also recall the fact that armed civilians having not had regular full time military training framework with the teaching of necessary discipline required by all the organized state military formations, in the short term give rise to tendentially small and anarchoid formations.Such formation will not respond soon to a structured well defined command line but rather will tend to fragment into a plural number of autonomous militias.

Often fighting one against another after their original enemy is defeated, withdrawn or moved away.

Although the formal procedures that led to this decision are formally democratic I do not know how responsible and aware are the Members of the European Parliament of the real concrete significance of their choice.

I am afraid that this is one of today’s democracy failures, having political representative that don’t have at all a realistic vision of such dynamics, among others.

And consider that this happens in the First World where there are thousands of years of history behind of theirs nation that have in some cases also an history of colonialism and imperialism that should rather instructive.

Not in a newly formed nation, where this ignorance would be understandable.

It seems that nowadays their democratic representatives have forgotten everything.

Or maybe they had never known it.

The final result will be a State of chaos, the failed state in Ukraine and also the risk that this state of affairs can be extended from Ukraine to other countries such as Estonia and Latvia.
But above all just the idea of having this big State of chaos in the heart of Central Europe with hostile relations with Russia the nearest superpower.
It seems the realization of the American bad dream to weaken its main competitors.

Mors tu vita mea.

Isolating more and more Europe from Russia and defusing the risk of the once possible chance of a Eurasian block Europe Russia.

To be cynically realistic it seems that this war of Europe against Russia in support of Ukraine is rather a short term a self-destructive suicide war of Europe against itself.

Or maybe Europe thinks that can fight against Russia?

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