Open Letter to the University of Toronto from Concerned Students


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An Open Letter to The University of Toronto Friends, Faculty Members, Students at the University of Toronto:
Read this fantastic letter from a brave student at the University of Toronto on the outrageous attempt to suppress non-violent freedom of political speech and to imprison students and faculty who excercise their freedom of speech and conscience. The students simply printed a small brochure exposing some aspects of Jewish extremism and left copies in the library and some classrooms. For this act of simple free speech and expression they are now threatened with expulsion and even imprisonment! This letter is a classic which should be used as a perfect outline for students in addressing freedom of speech issues. I salute the courageous students who stand up for the truth against the blatant suppression and intimidation of Jewish supremacism! This is one of the most well-written and most powerful letters I have ever read. — David Duke
To the Faculty and Students at the University of Toronto:
I and a small group of my fellow students have dared to distribute a little piece of paper that dares to expose Jewish supremacism. In it we dare to quote from from outspoken, former American elected official, Dr. David Duke, who has written a book called Jewish Supremacism. Dr. Duke has been one of Americas most persistent and eloquent foes of the Iraq War and American Israeli policy. Jewish Supremacism is not an anti-Semitic book. In fact, it is dedicated to a Jew, the late Dr. Israel Shahak, a survivor of the concentration camps during WWII and a leader of the Israeli Peace Movement. People can read parts of the book for themselves on Dr. Duke’s website,, and see clearly that it is not anti-Semitic but simply opposes the extremist Jewish supremacism that drives the Israeli state and its supporters around the world. Merely calling someone anti-Semitic doesn’t make it so.
At the University of Toronto we are free. We have free speech. We are free to expose and condemn White people for mistreatment of Indians, for White Colonialism around the world. We are free to accuse White people and the White establishment of racism real and imagined. We are free to condemn any person who says being straight is better than being gay. We can do these things without threat of being expelled from the university, without the possibility of the police coming and getting us in the middle of the night and throwing us into jail for months or years.
But, if we dare to expose elements of Jewish supremacism, for instance the Jewish supremacism that exists in Israel and that is being advanced by extremist Jews around the world who support the extremist Jewish state, we will find ourselves the criminal. Expose the open anti-Gentile, anti-Christian hatred of extremist Jews in Canada or the United States and we may well find ourselves charged with hatred and face expulsion and even years of imprisonment!
Why is it that exposing elements of racial or religious hatred among extremist Christians deserves praise but exposing it among Jews deserves jail?
Why is exposing White extremism called “love” but exposing Jewish extremism is called “hate?”
Why is it called hate to expose the fact that Israel is a Jewish supremacist, Apartheid nation of segregation of Jews from non-Jews? Why is it called hatred to expose the fact that in Israel marriage between a Jew and Gentile is against the law?” Why is it called hatred to expose the fact that Israel is a Jewish supremacist nation that limits immigration only to Jews? Why is it called hatred to expose the fact that Israel routinely tortures thousands of Palestinians each year but will never do so to a Jew, for any crime?
Why is called hatred to expose the fact that Jews in Israel have stolen huge swaths of Palestinian land and oppressed, tortured, and murdered thousands of Palestinians in the occupied territories? Why is it called hatred to point out that Jewish supremacist Neocons such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Wurmser and Libby lied to the world about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and have led the efforts for the murderous Iraq War resulting in the deaths of at least 100,000 and a rise in world terrorism and hate?
Why is it called hatred to tell the obvious truth that the Iraq War is a war conceived and driven by Jewish supremacists – a war for Israel? Why is it hatred to point out that Jewish Neocons seek to exacerbate relations between the Christian and Islamic world and wash the world in blood in what they call proudly World War IV? Canada oh Canada, fellow students and faculty, where is the freedom of our fathers?
Where has gone the most important of human rights, Free Speech, the right upon which all other rights are hinged?
Who has taken these rights from you?
It is not we who put our ideas on a small pieces of paper who should be investigated by the police. You should investigate the authorities and groups who promote these laws against free speech, free thought and free conscience!
You will find they are most vigorously promoted by the same Jewish Supremacist organizations, such as the Canadian Jewish Congress, who are desperate for you not to learn of their own supremacism. These organizations support the Apartheid State of Israel, a state that routinely tortures thousands of Palestinians each year, but never will torture a Jew for any offense no matter how heinous. They support Israel which is a state that is based primarily on genetics, more so than religion. A person of Jewish descent who is an atheist from anywhere in the world can immigrate to Israel while a Palestinian who was born there cannot! And, the Canadian Jewish Congress works desperately to stop intermarriage of Jews and Gentiles in Canada, an act by itself which would be universally condemned if any White Canadian group did so!
Why is the Canadian Jewish Congress afraid of free speech? Is it not afraid that free speech would expose its own hypocrisy, its own supremacist theology? What truth is so weak that it must imprison human beings who dare to question it?
What’s happening at this university is no different than the darkest chapters of human suppression. In the middle ages the masters of intolerance called those who loved science and truth “heretics,” and by that label imprisoned them. In modern times the masters of intolerance call those who expose Jewish extremism, “anti-Semites” or “haters,” and by that label imprison them.
I and my fellow student and faculty free speechers are opposed to supremacism wherever it exists. We are opposed to supremacism and hatred whether it be White, Black, or multi-hued, whether it is Christian or Jewish, gay or straight, male or female. But, unlike the Canadian Jewish Congress and this supine administration, we believe the way to oppose supremacism is through discussion and debate not with imprisonment worthy of some tin-pot dictatorship.
The truth is that those who seek to hunt down like criminals, to expel and imprison those who have dared to express their freedom of conscience, thought, opinion and speech are the true enemies of diversity and tolerance.
They are the ones who should be prosecuted for violations of human rights. They are the enemies of freedom. None of our fellow students and faculty who courageously oppose Jewish supremacism support jail for those who support free speech in the Jewish Apartheid State. But, those who conspire to imprison people for daring to utter an opinion, no matter how unpopular, are guilty of the real human rights violations. Many officials have been tried in the World Court for imprisoning people who exercises their freedom of speech.
The efforts of the University head to expel and imprison we who expressed our freedom of speech is a REAL human rights violation!
With all due respect, I must respectfully report that the head of our esteemed university should be the one investigated. Maybe Amnesty International will do it?
I urge all other students whether or not they agree with the substance of our arguments to support the rights of their fellow students and faculty to our human right of free speech.
Signed – Sincerely,
By Freedomus
A student who dares not reveal his name to the inquisitors PS. hopefully those students and faculty who still love freedom, will quietly and adroitly copy this missive and leave it about on desks, chairs, in books and other places where students may read for themselves about what is happening to our freedoms, our university, our dear Canada!

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