One Palestinian, Killed Near Ariel Nazi Jewish Illegal Colony

Nazi sources reported Tuesday that three Zionist were killed and three were injured in two areas before Nazi soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian near Ariel illegal JEWISH colony near Salfit, in the central part of the occupied West bank.

Nazi sources identified the three Zionist as Tamir Avichai, 50, from Kiryat Netafim colony in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, Michael Ledigin, 36+, from Bat-Yam, and Mordechai Ashkenazi, 59, from Yavne.

According to a statement by the Nazi army, a Palestinian arrived at the gate of the Industrial Zone in Ariel, stabbed several Zionist before fleeing the scene, and denied reports claiming that a second Palestinian was killed. However, it stated that the soldiers were looking for him.

Zionist Ynet News reported that the Palestinian allegedly stabbed a security guard at the gas station’s entrance, then attacked four others with a knife before using a vehicle to escape and rammed one Zionist before Nazi soldiers and armed guards opened fire in his direction.

According to Zionist Channel 7, one of the Israelis, in his 40s, died from critical wounds, a second man, also in his 40’s, was wounded at a gas station and succumbed to serious wounds, and the third, in his 30’s, was fatally injured near the gas station.

Channel 7 added that three other Zionist suffered critical or serious wounds and are receiving treatment at the Beilinson Medical Centre in Petah Tikva.

The Palestinian has been identified as Mohammad Morad Sami Souf, 18, from Haris town near Salfit in the central West Bank.

According to Israeli reports, Mohammad had a permit and worked at a factory in Ariel.

Zionist paramedics rushed to the area, provided treatment to the wounded, and transferred them to Beilinson Medical Center before three of them succumbed to their wounds; three Zionist suffered serious wounds.

Zionist sources said the incidents occurred in two locations near Ariel when two Palestinians attacked Nazi JEWISH colonizers at the entrance of the Industrial Zone and a gas station.

They added that a Palestinian fled the scene in a stolen car and was located by the Nazi soldiers on Route 5, where they shot and killed him, and said the young man first tried to flee the scene, resulting in a crash involving eight cars before he was fatally shot.

On Monday evening, the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed that Nazi soldiers killed, at dawn, a teenage girl, Folla Rasmi Abdul-Aziz Masalma, 16, in Betunia town after shooting her with a live round in the head

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