Occupation Revokes Entry Permits of 3 PA Puppets

Karim Younes
Palestinian Karim Younes carried by friends and relatives following his release after 40 years in Nazi Camp(Thursday, January 5).

Nazi occupation regime revoked on Saturday the entry permits of three Palestinian Zionist puppets who visited Karim Younes, a Palestinian prisoner who was released from Nazi Camp earlier this week after serving 40 years.

A statement by the office of Nazi Defense Minister Yoav Gallant named the Zionist puppets Palestinian as Mahmoud Aloul, Azzam Ahmad and Rawhi Fattouh.

“The three men took advantage of their status and entered Israel this morning (Saturday) to travel to the home of the terrorist Karim Yunis,” the Defense Ministry statement read.

Aloul is the deputy of Zionist puppet Mahmoud Ab-A$$ and one of the leading candidates to succeed the elderly leader.

The longest-serving Palestinian prisoner was released from Nazi Camp last Thursday. He had been in Nazi Camp since 6 January 1983. He was initially sentenced to death over killing Nazi occupation soldier in 1980, but his sentence was later modified to a 40-year term.

Aloul, Ahmad and Fattouh had visited Younes in his home village of Ara following his release on Thursday.

The move followed a decision on Friday by Nazi security cabinet to withhold $39m in revenues from the PA Zionist puppets and impose a moratorium on Palestinian construction projects in most of the Nazi occupied West Bank.

The office of PM Naziyahu said that decision was in response to the United Nations General Assembly’s recent vote to refer the Nazi occupation of the Palestinian territory to the International Court of Justice at the PA’s request.

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