الجيش السوري يستعيد آبار نفط وغاز في ريف تدمر من المسلحين


Al-Wa’er:  An attempted infiltration from Al-Wa’er into Al-Khuraab Bridge failed miserably again with the mostly foreign degenerates losing 9 rats.  The siege of Al-Wa’er by the SAA during this particular season has been very effective in starving out the rodents.  They are trying to escape or expand their sphere of operations to permit greater access to food and supplies.  It’s not working. The SAA is simply waiting them out.

Al-Rastan Industrial Area:  The SAA invaded a warehouse filled with weapons belonging to Nusra and killed 4 foreign rats. They were 2 Jordanians and 2 from Turkey.

Jabbooreen: About 19kms from Homs. Another encroachment by Nusra from Umm Sharshooh area, Al-Hilaaliyya Farms, and Bayt Raabi’ah flopped when excellent intelligence alerted the SAA hours ahead of time allowing our soldiers to prepare for the attack.  The area is still being assessed.  All we know is that the rats lost many of their own.

Musay’id:  An attempted infiltration to Al-Mas’oodiyya about 15kms from the Lebanese border by Nusra, again, was a complete and utter disaster.  5 rats were killed as another 20+ disbanded and headed for the hills.

‘Ayn Al-Danaaneer: About 25kms N/E of the City.  Another Nusra encroachment from Al-‘Aamiriyya came a cropper.  13 Nusra rats killed:

‘Izzeddeen Village:  Northern Homs area of Al-Shaa’er Mountain where SAA is very active in pursuing remnant rodents after crushing them here a week ago.  SAA attacked a pack of ISIS rats killing 15 of their litter including these:

Sanad Al-Shuqayti (ISIS pack leader)

“Abu Islam” (Id pending)

Durayd ‘Ali Jum’ah

The rest were all deemed foreign.  Many from Iraq.

Waadi Al-Samarmarr:  SAA killed large number of rats in a firefight.

Al-Dughli Farms:  The SAA attacked the HQ of Nusra here 3 days ago in the Talbeesa area, 13kms from Homs City killing 23 rodents.  I have no names.

Ruhoom Village:  This village belongs to Jubb Al-Jarraah located in the Al-Mukharram Mountains.  7 ISIS rats killed.

تصفية عشرات الإرهابيين في ريف الحسكة

 Kafr Laahaa:  On November 12, 2014, 27kms from Homs City and in the Hoolaa, the SAA killed 11 rodents from ISIS.

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