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Baalaa:  This village is in the Al-Nishaabiyya Farms area.  Yesterday, the SAA advanced 2 kms inside this formerly Nusra enclave and killed 7 of the 30+ rodents inside.  Monzer reports over 10 taken prisoner.  Weapons and ammunition smuggled in from Jordan were seized for use by our NDF in killing Wahhabists.

Muhammad Jameel Sittu

Akram Hishaam

Bahaa` Al-Taweel

No other names were sent.

Zibdeen Farms:  The SAA is pursuing remnants of the packs of rodents who once infested this area:


Daarayyaa:  SAA now controls 90% of this suburb and continues to clean up at the Sukayna Shrine where 4 rodent snipers were killed yesterday.

Jawbar:  At the Al-Manaasher Roundabout, intense fighting for territory.  SAA now controls over 50% of Jawbar and destroyed the equivalent of 25kms of interlaced tunnels and trenches built by the rats in an effort to forestall the inevitable extermination of their numbers.

Misraabaa Village Southeast of Harastaa:  Intense fighting with NDF playing a very important role.  No details.

Harastaa:  The SAA attacked Al-Sabeel Quarter near the Al-Hassan Roundabout west of the Secondary Roundabout and killed an undisclosed number of vultures.

Jisreen in the Kafr Batnaa area:  About to be completely deloused.  Watch carefully developments here.

Zamalkaa:  Weapons and ammunition depot invaded by security forces who seized all contents and delivered them to the NDF for use in killing Wahhabist criminal heretics.

Mayda’a:  ‘Alloosh has got to be feeling blue.  He just lost 55 of his favorite vermin in an incredibly inept effort to escape the SAA as brand new and newly retooled tanks and infantry assaulted their positions here.  When their nests came under intense artillery fire, they wanted to leave their positions which is exactly what the Syrian Army commanders wanted.  With infantry moving into fixed locations, as though choreographed by Balanchine, rat leaders ordered their rodents to flee in the direction of Al-Dhumayr.  Well, at Al-Dhumayr there is a large contingent of SAA and NDF which was waiting for them.  With SAAF also in action in the skies, the rats tried the usual suicide truck trick.  The truck didn’t even get 100 yards before a Sukhoi turned it into magma along with its hapless driver.  So far, MI has counted 55 dead rodents in a catastrophe most appropriate for the idiot Saudis who are pulling the strings for the hapless Jaysh Al-Islam.     

An exclusive photo from the scene at Mayda’a

Hawsh Al-Dhawaahira Farms:  On the border of Doumaa Farms where ‘Alloosh is hiding.  The SAA assaulted a nest of rats belonging to Jaysh Al-Islam and killed every one of them.  All told, SAA killed 11:

‘Abdul-Jabbaar Hamawi

Mustafaa Naqrash

No other names were sent. 

Al-Reehaan:  More fun with ‘Alloosh and the Jaysh Al-Islam (yawn).  This is northeast of Doumaa which is under 70% SAA control.  The SAA killed 4 last night and took 12 prisoner. 

Al-Jarbaa and Al-Bihaariyya in the Al-Nishaabiyya area:  2 rodents killed. No names.

Qalamoon:  The Nusra rats continue to exploit irregular methods of entering Syrian from Lebanon.  Irregular?  Indeed.  The only problem is that the SAA knows all the routes and has placed hundreds of NDF, SAA and border security personnel at those places.  With excellent intelligence coming from the Lebanese side, its just a turkey shoot.  Yesterday, scores of rats from Nusra and ISIS were annihilated coming into Qaarra’s foothills.  Fighting also reported at Al-Mushrifa, Al-Jaraajeer and Waadi Meeraa.

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