Now that I$raHell regime is Kahanist the end draws near



This is how the end looks. The Israeli regime has become Kahanist. The culture minister praises Sapir Sabah with a big “like.”

Sabah, the high school student who decided that her teacher, Adam Verete, is a traitor, and that traitors deserve a death sentence. Sabah, who is an open Kahanist, who celebrates with the most extreme Kahanists from the height of physical belligerence, of the kind that led to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.

This after the leading members of the regime, like Ministers Avigdor Lieberman, Naftali Bennett and Limor Livnat, stood enthusiastically behind a Kahanist singer who sang a song of praise to God for the death sentence thanks to which Rabin was assassinated and the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon collapsed.

And so, shamelessly, a revolution was carried out. They praise a singer who praised Rabin’s death sentence, and praise the enthusiastic disciple of Kahanist Michael Ben Ari. Meanwhile, not only is the municipal rabbi who forbade selling and renting apartments to Arabs not dismissed, but he is about to be promoted to rabbi of the capital city.

In her eulogy to entertainer Sefi Rivlin, Sports and Culture Minister Limor Livnat said, “For anyone who loves the country, it’s not easy to be in the artists guild.” The culture minister. According to her, most artists hate the country. Most artists are “traitors.”

When the government lights the fire of incitement, it spreads rapidly among the public. That’s why this week the spark of hatred for the left reached its highest point since Rabin’s assassination.

Political leaders’ enthusiastic embrace of Kahanism has a tremendous influence. It’s similar to the influence of the legitimization for violence that was granted by Benjamin Netanyahu when he orchestrated the demonstrations against Rabin that led up to the assassination (“In blood and fire we will expel Rabin”).

Those who paid attention this week, whether on the Internet or in real life, could have seen what many are suppressing: the results of the incitement against “the Arabs,” and, even more so, against “the traitorous left.” A video on the popular news and entertainment website Walla showing settlers with cudgels beating a pro-human rights Israeli led to hundreds of immediate responses by real people, who were angry that it was only a beating. Leftists should be killed, not just beaten, these commenters insisted. And they should be dealt with before even the Arabs.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni — who are holding the Kahanist regime in their hands, given that without their parties the governing coalition would not have a majority — refuse to understand that the spirit of the country is the main thing.

While Lapid’s Yesh Atid and Livni’s Hatnuah parties are in cahoots with a peace process that won’t actually be implemented, with a prime minister who makes incessant declarations, the spirit of the country is being poisoned every day here. Israel is changing overnight.

There’s a reason that Israel has been overcome with a craze for Spanish passports over the past two days: Citizens want to flee from fascist regimes. Incitement can create hatred of the other and fan murderous intentions toward so-called traitors, but it cannot generate love. Not love for a place, for its people, for its culture or for its trampled language.

This is a serious and immediate warning. The fire of racism is changing Israel forever. After the betrayal of the citizens’ outcry against a cannibalistic and ideological governmental capitalism that doesn’t enable people to live, public frustration is being diverted to two places, as happened in Europe during the rise of fascism: dreams of escape, and hatred of others and of “traitors.”

Israel’s fate is in the hands of two people: Lapid and Livni. As of now, they have the power to join Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog and cause the downfall of the Kahane regime. If the two continue to close their eyes and cooperate with Kahanism, everything will be consumed by the fire.

Eighty years ago, the six seals of the racist apocalypse were opened, and the resulting enmity was poured over the heads of millions. Now the seventh seal has been opened. The one on the inside. These are the last moments in which the process can be brought to a halt. The last moments for realizing that preventing a Kahanist state is the only mission. Everything is secondary to it. Every second in which the public is poisoned by the regime is changing our lives forever.

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