Nazi Hotline lets callers inform on Jewish-Arab couples



Nazi Lehava group steps up campaign to stop intermarriage and ‘save the daughters of Israel’ from their non-Jewish suitors

Times of Israel

A right-wing, anti-assimilation organization that campaigns to prevent Arab men from dating Jewish women has opened a hotline enabling members of the public to inform on women so that they can be persuaded to end the relationship.

When called, a recording on the Lehava hotline says the service is meant to “save the daughters of Israel.” In addition to offering support for women, the line also provides the names and telephone numbers of Arab men that the organization suspects of dating Jewish women.

Callers to the hotline are given a number of choices from a menu in which a recorded voice refers to a non-Jewish man as a “goy,” a derogatory term for a non-Jew.

“If you are in contact with a goy and need assistance, press 1,” is the first option offered by the service, which continues by asking callers if they wish to inform on others.

“If you know a girl who is involved with a goy and you want to help her, press 2,” the voice recording says.

The service then asks for information about non-Jewish men who are in relationships with Jews.

“If you know of a goy who masquerades as a Jew or is harassing Jewish women, or of locations where there is an assimilation problem, press 3.”

“The purpose is to submit immediate reports about girls who are going out with Arabs, and about Arabs who are pretending to be Jews in order to catch Jewish girls in their net,” the chairman of the Lehava organization, Bentzi Gupstein, told Walla, claiming that each report was acted on immediately, as a matter of life and death.

“We approach the girl in question and tell her about the life that awaits her with the selfsame Ahmed who at the moment is calling himself Yossi,” he explained.

The fourth option is for those wanting to donate or help out, while the fifth provides the Hebrew names of several women who, according to the service, are in need of prayers to save them from their relationships with non-Jews.

Traditional Hebrew names take the format of the person’s first name and that of his or her mother, so the women listed on the hotline cannot be identified.

The recommended prayer is available on the Lehava website and beseeches the Almighty “to put proper understanding in the heart of the woman” and that she should go “from darkness to light, from slavery to redemption.”

Gupstein, formerly a member of the banned, right-wing Kach organization, was quoted as saying that since the hotline began operating, the group has “saved” 10 women. The phone number was apparently posted on the Lehava website on Monday.

He said that the hotline provides the names and numbers of Arab men, so that “every person can explain in his own way to the Arab man that he is better off dating Fatima from the village rather than Yael or Einat [Israeli women’s names].”

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