The ploys of NYT: or how to cover up Zio=Nazi murders of Palestinians
If Zionist’s is killed by a Palestinian, the NYT leaves no doubt that the Zionist was killed by a Palestinian. But when Palestinians are killed by Zionist terrorists, the story is buried under such layers of details and various accounts and Nazi propaganda claims, that you are left confused not knowing what happened even when it is clear what happened. Look at this: “As is often the case in such shootings with few witnesses, the circumstances surrounding the death of the cousins on Sunday were in dispute.
Relatives and neighbors who gathered in the village of Awarta at the home of one of the youths, Salah Muhammad Qawariq, insisted that the two were simply working their land when Zionist settlers from a nearby settlement came and shot them.
“There were no soldiers in the area,” one of the neighbors, Dalal Aziz, said in a telephone interview. Ms. Aziz did not see the shooting, but she said she had run to the scene soon afterward to try to help. Also, sharp differences remained over the Saturday killings. The military maintains that the two were shot by rubber bullets as soldiers dispersed a violent protest involving dozens of villagers hurling rocks.
But the Israeli human rights group Btselem distributed photographs of the victims taken by its researcher, Salma al-Debi, in the emergency room of the Rafidia Hospital in Nablus showing wounds that appeared consistent with live ammunition. The youth who died overnight, Ussayed Qadus, had a bullet lodged in his head, but in accordance with the family’s wishes, he was buried on Sunday without an autopsy.The military said that both deaths were under investigation.” ????

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