NEW INTERVIEW-The Unconscious and True Roots of the Israel-Palestine Problem


Hi Guys,
Please take a look at my print interview with Father Yago Abeledo of the Center for
Justice and Peace Building. The interview is the first that explains the roots of the
Israel-Palestine problem, what is really going on in people’s minds. Toward the end
of the interview we discuss Gaza. If there is any article or interview that has the
potential to reach the as yet unreachable this is it. Others have written about their
change of heart in their understanding of the history, about how they came to see
that Israel was not the innocent victim of an irrational Arab world. That is highly
commendable but all of those writings are still stuck in the same old paradigm, what
I refer to as the Illusion of Identity. Peace is not possible until that illusion is
shattered. If you like the interview please share it.
Richard Forer, Author: Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion – A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict
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