Alan Hart, 9/11 And Neo-Nazis.

When you run a blog, you have the choice of leaving comments on or turning them off, completely.
I would confess that I prefer not to moderate comments, but I have to, given the political topics that I touch upon in this blog it normally receives a fair amount of abuse from neo-Nazis and their friends.
A recent post on Alan Hart received disapproval for pointing out the obvious, how there is a convergence between conspiracy theories, racist views and general animosity towards Israelis and Jews. These habits are often found amongst 9/11 truthers and their allies.
As best as I can understand there is a crossover between these people, the excessively paranoid find it very easy to believe that 9/11 was the work of some conspiracy, and many conspiracy freaks have accepted neo-Nazi arguments that “the world is controlled by Jews” or some such nonsense.
I try to remind any budding Hitler lovers that I don’t welcome their comments, but naturally a lot of them are illiterate, a bit thick and can’t get the message.
One recent poster has some notoriety, his nom de plume of Alan B’Stard M P relates to the fictional Far Right Thatcherite MP played by Rick Mayall in the New Statesman comedy.
“Alan B’Stard M P” comments on the Alan Hart thread:

“it’s typical of pro Israerlis to accuse people of anti semitism.
So what. What’s special about jews anyway?”

That is a common retort, you hear on a regular basis, to which the answer obviously is:
Yes, people who have hangups and prejudice against Jews are often racists. They indulge in what has historically been called antisemitism (a euphemism for Judenhass, that is hatred of Jews). Equally, some indulge in anti-Jewish racism because they are insensitive, uneducated, intellectual sheep or just plain stupid. In my experience, there’s rarely one answer that covers all possibilities.
Again, in my experience, there are many people who indulge in inadvertent anti-Jewish racism, given the influence and predominantly negative climate in the Western media towards Jews and Israelis, but there are those like this poster, “Alan B’Stard M P”, who do it consciously and actively, who are enthusiastic racists.
Therefore, in these circumstances the poster “Alan B’Stard M P” has no problem supporting Alan Harts’ arguments as they essentially resonate with his own racist views.
Now, of course, I can see that one of two readers might take “Alan B’Stard M P” position and feel I have done him a disservice.
So let us examine “Alan B’Stard M P” views and details:**

“Author : Alan B’Stard M P
E-mail :
URL :”

He’s based somewhere near Pretty Beach, New South Wales, Australia. Andy at slackbastard has pointed out previously the prevalence of neofascists and neo-Nazis in Australia.
But let’s look at the evidence of this poster’s views:
1. runs an anti-immigration group on Facebook.
2. His Holocaust denial is open:

“On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 8:26 AM, alan B’Stard M P wrote:
the plaques show that 6 million weren’t killed, which means that the figures mentioned could be false and not true. If Not 6 mill, then perhaps 4 mill or 2 mill or 20,000
“One plaque correctly reflects that 4 million Jews were gassed in ALL of the gas chambers in all of the HUNDREDS of death camps”
Only a while back you spoke of the 6 milion killed. make your mind up
Even in this day and age modern crematoria need bone crushing machines. You can’t incinerate bones”

3. “Alan B’Stard M P” runs wierdo racist web site, which I commented on previously.
Pretty daming stuff, this poster “Alan B’Stard M P” is obviously a real bigot and racist.
So if you were Alan Hart and wish to proclaim that your views are not based on prejudice and bias, then it might be a bit of a problem having such a vigorous racist like “Alan B’Stard M P” supporting you?
** I respect the confidentiality of all posters on this blog, except uninvited neo-Nazis and their friends.

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