June 13, 2010

 by Gordon Duff



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

If any phrase proves murder, this is it.  Uri Avnery, Israeli activist and veteran of the 1948 and 1967 wars is demanding to know why the IDF dubbed this into their phony tapes of the “Freedom Flotilla” massacre?  Avnery has more questions than this, many more

 Should Americans start asking why, when it was proven this and the other cover stories about the Flotilla were all false, their news media, Fox, CNN and the others didn’t issue retractions?  Even Helen Tomas apologized though I can’t imagine why.  She didn’ t murder anyone.  In a world where murderers demand apologies from journalists, are we, perhaps, setting a double standard? 

 If Israel can try to cover up murders using dubbed in holocaust insults, then we have to take a new look at Iran.  Ahmadinejad, responding to Israel’s use of the holocaust to justify ethnic cleansing, organized a conference inviting historians from around the world to offer papers on the holocaust. 

His goal was to attempt to disarm Israel, remove its greatest weapon, one it uses continually, the memory of the holocaust.  Israel’s response is to call for war against Iran based, not on Iran’s actions but rather Iran’s threat to mythology that provides cover for a state he see is destined to bring a nuclear war to the Middle East, even if Israel has to arm the other side itself. 

 Why has Israel failed to sign a joint defense agreement with the United States?  As a part of that agreement, it is required that Israel clearly state its boundaries. 

  In September 1937, he [Ben Gurion] stated to a group of American Jewish labor leaders in New York:

“the borders [of the Jewish state] will not be fixed for eternity.” (Shabtai Teveth, p. 188

The conference was attended by historians of significant repute and evidence significantly contrary to publicized version of history were presented.  Noted historian, Dr. Thomas Dalton, has advocated a real examination of the facts rather than the current combination of history, mythology and, frankly, Communist propaganda that is accepted as the truth.  But what was Iran’s crime? 

Is anyone planning to start up the gas chambers again?  The real crime, it seems, is exposing Israels use of a version of the holocaust that every effort is being made to block the examination of under the accusation of “holocaust denial.”  How can people like Ernst Zundel be sent to prison for asking questions about the holocaust? 

 When you visit Auschwitz and stand in front of the crematorium, the sign doesn’t say that Russian troops built it in 1947.  It is the truth but the sign doesn’t say it.  Proper historians say the Russians “reconstructed it.” 


Israel now uses the holocaust as a weapon, a murder weapon.  This is not conjecture.  The proof is there.  Israel didn’t know that hours of high quality video disproving every claim they made about the Freedom Flotilla would be smuggled out, even though those kidnapped and taken to Israel were tortured. 

 It wasn’t activists, it was journalists, independent journalists that brought Israel down.  I am posting a full hour of HD video showing everyone on the ship.  This is raw, uncut video, very high quality, seemingly boring except for the drama of watching people sleeping, eating and answering emails, people who will be murdered soon afterwards.  Look at the faces and guess who will be killed.  As Uri Avnery points out, these weren’t killings, these were executions. 

YouTube – Veterans Today –


Think of this film as the real Schindler’s List, not a Hollywood creation but a chance to meet the victims of an atrocity, honest, simple people who are murdered.  Is Gaza a concentration camp?  Fox News and Israel say no, people there are fat, even overfed, have beautiful homes with swimming pools and live in total luxury. 

 Ever hear of Theriesenstadt Concentration Camp?  Whenever inspectors wanted to see a concentration camp, the Nazis took them there.  Food was excellent, living conditions almost luxurious, art classes, an orchestra and, of course, a synagogue. 

It was important for the Nazis to be able to show they weren’t working prisoners to death, starving them, using them for medical experiments or watching millions die, particularly Russian prisoners of war, of typhus, not publicly at least.  This was saved for the other camps. 

Theresienstadt was a model, where cooperative Swiss Red Cross authorities could see happy contented Jews living under the care and kindness of the SS.  Wealthy Jews could buy their way into Theresienstadt.  In 1945, 413 of 465 Jews from sent there from Denmark in 1943 were returned to that country, part of the 15,000 Jews saved by the White Buses.  Also in 1945, Himmler transferred 1210 Dutch Jews to Switzerland, in exchange for a $1.25 million dollar payment into his Swiss account by Jewish organizations. 

These strange accounts, well documented but banned from history hardly debunk the holocaust but reveal a significant history of corruption, duplicity and unusual contacts between the German Nazis and other groups. 

Stories like that of the White Buses and the heroic efforts made to save concentration camp prisoners, including unusual acts of humanity by German officials at the end of the war have been suppressed by blanket attacks on those who would provide a broader history, attacked under the oft used terms “anti-Semitism” and “holocaust denial.”

There is also evidence that, although supposedly a “model Jewish settlement,” many of the residents, including some of the worlds most prominent musicians and artists, died from starvation and abuse under the watchful eye of the Red Cross. 


 Oh, did we say “worked to death?”  Yes, tens of thousands of Jews were worked to death in factories owned by Americans.  These same families, Bush being the most prominent, that were an integral part of the holocaust now work directly with Israel, their best friends in the world. 

What I want to know is why Israel is seemingly duplicating, almost exactly, the Nazi methods of propaganda?  It is uncanny.  In the spring of 1945, when Russian troops were closing in on Hitler’s headquarters, the Fuhrer bunker, German Information Minister, Josef Goebbels, killed his children. 

Then he and his wife took their own lives.  He would have been executed after trial, it is clear, as the International Tribunal of Justice at Nuremberg clearly established that covering for murder, whether “propaganda minister” or as with Julius Streicher, as a newspaper publisher.

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