Nazi soldiers Uproot Palestinian Lands

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

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Nazi soldiers started, Thursday, the uprooting and bulldozing of Palestinian lands, east of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, in preparation for paving a new segregated road for the use of illegal colonialist Nazi Jewish settlers, living on confiscated Palestinian lands.

Ehab Ghazala, the Mayor of Kaf al-Lubbad Municipal Council, said the Nazi soldiers started uprooting Palestinian agricultural lands in Ras al-Misyed area, in the areas of Kafr al-Lubbad, Ezbet al-Hafassi, and Thannaba Suburb.

Ghazala added that the planned segregated road extends 10 Kilometers (6.21 Miles) to reach Avnei Hefetz Nazi illegal colony, which was built on stolen Palestinian lands.

The Mayor also stated that the lands are around 600 Dunams (148.2 Acres), and are subject to constant violations by the armed Nazi paramilitary illegal colonists who frequently invaded them, uproot them, confiscate equipment in addition to assaulting the Palestinians and forcing out of their lands.

The new planned segregated road would isolate the western area of Kafr al-Lubbad, which is the only path the Palestinians can take when commuting to the Thannaba area and from there to Tulkarem.

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