Nazi: Soldiers Abduct Two Palestinians

Nazi soldiers abducted a pollical leader in Jerusalem, and a teenage boy in Hebron, in the Nazi occupied West Bank.

Media sources said many Nazi soldiers invaded the home of Raed Hijazi in the Old City of Nazi occupied Jerusalem and ransacked the property before abducting him.

They added that Hijazi, a senior political leader of the Fateh movement in Jerusalem, was taken to an interrogation facility in Jerusalem.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, the Nazi soldiers assaulted a teenage boy, Nour Haitham Da’na, 17, at the Abu ar-Reesh military roadblock in the southern area of Hebron city and abducted him.

Furthermore, the Nazi soldiers invaded the Hilal al-Quds Athletic Club in the occupied capital, Jerusalem, in the West Bank, and searched it after forcing the Palestinians out.

On Monday dawn, Nazi soldiers invaded many areas across the occupied West Bank, including the Nazi occupied capital, Jerusalem, searched and ransacked dozens of homes, and abducted at least thirty-three Palestinians in addition to shooting a young man.

In related news, the soldiers shot one Palestinian with live fire and abducted two others in the Nablus governorate in the northern part of the West Bank.

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