Nazi regime to hold bodies of Hamas


Security cabinet decides to return bodies of all Palestinian fighters – except for those affiliated with Hamas.

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Nazi Avigfor Liberman

Nazi regime will hold the bodies of terrorists from Hamas, but will return the bodies of other terrorists to their families, Haaretz reported Friday morning.

According to the report, the new policy comes after a disagreement between Nazi Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Major General Nazi Nitzan Alon regarding the issue of returning the bodies of Palestinian fighters. Nazi Liberman expressed complete opposition to the return of the bodies and said that holding the bodies establishes a deterrent against future Palestinian attacks.

Nazi Gen. Alon disagreed and argued that holding the bodies only increases tension with the Arabs in the PA and Gaza. He said that it does not deter attacks, but instead encourages them,

The dispute occurred at a security cabinet meeting Wednesday. Nazi regime is currently in possession of five Palestinian fighters who were killed while carrying out attacks against the Nazi illegal occupation. Nazi court required the state to explain why it was still holding the bodies after a petition by the families of the terrorists to have the bodies returned.

A compromise was reached where it was decided to return the bodies of the three Palestinian fighters who were not affiliated with Hamas while continuing to hold the bodies of those that were.

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