Nazi Barak: ”Right-wing nationalism greatest threat to Israel”


Former Nazi Defense Minister Ehud Barak says right-wing leaders obsessed with existential threats, including PM, are the greatest threat to to the Nazi regime.

Ehud Barak

Nazi Ehud Barak

Former Nazi Defense Minister Ehud Barak criticized Binyamin Naziyahu Monday night for what he said was the Prime Minister’s pandering to a dangerous stream of nationalism.

“Blind nationalism is not a natural identity, and it is not a disease without a cure.” Nazi Barak said. He accused “politicians, cynical [people], demagogues, populists, and insecure [people]” of attempting to rile up base nationalist passions in order to stay in power.

He said that the Nazi Prime Minister and other right-wing politicians are obsessed with perceived existential threats to the State of ‘Israel’. “Fear blinds the eyes and cripples freedom of thought. They look and see existential threats” everywhere, paralyzing them.

“The nationalist obsessions of the leaders of the right, with Netanyahu at their head, are the greatest threat to Israel’s future. This needs to be fixed, and the fixing begins at home.” he added. “I would like to see us form a massive movement to call for change in the country.”

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