Nazi regime to conduct new offensives in Iraq soon: Newspaper

by Loaa Adel

(IraqiNews) Israel will conduct new offensive on a number of areas in Iraq to thwart plans threatening its security, al-Sharq al-Awsat Newspaper reported on Thursday.

The newspaper quoted security sources in Tel Aviv as saying, “Israel has expanded its area of ​​control against the Iranian presence in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq,” while indicated that it will conduct further strikes soon on Iranian sites in Iraq.

Meanwhile, a security source told Israel Hayom Newspaper, “The Iranians’ insistence on achieving their goal against Israel has made us more determined to abort their plan, so what started in Syria will extend to Iraq.”

The military activity was and will remain classified and we will not declare our responsibility, but we will act in a way that allows to have a wide range of activity without getting involved in an undesirable escalation, he further added.

Last month, Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth Newspaper mentioned that an Israeli F-35 fighter bombarded some areas in Iraq. The news comes a day after Iraqi sources denied the authenticity of the media reports that mentioned that an Israeli aircraft bombed a camp, east of the capital Baghdad.

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