Nazi regime seeks buffer zone on borders with Syria

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Nazi Prime Minister Naziyahu is seeking a buffer zone against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah on the borders with Syria to be part of any future deal to end the Syrian crisis, Zionist newspaper Haaretz reported on Friday.

According to the Zionist newspaper, Naziyahu proposed this issue during meetings with American and other coalition countries.

Naziyahu wants to prevent ‘Iran and Hezbollah’ from establishing a foothold and he intends to undermine future attacks against the Nazi regime, noting that he had suggested international forces to supervise his proposed buffer zone.

Last Friday, the Zionist Maariv revealed that Naziyahu sent messages to the international parties involved in the talks about Syria’s future.

These messages, according to the Egyptian news website Moheet, suggested Nazi Jewish regime desire to decrease its reliance on military attacks on Syria in exchange for reaching a silent agreement that Iran and Hezbollah do not approach the Armistice Line in the occupied Golan Heights.

Zionist Maariv said that Nazi regime would accept the return of the Syrian army to the border area connected with the occupied Palestinian territories based on a 1974 deal between the two.

Meanwhile, the Zionist newspaper reported fears from the Zionist political and military leadership from reaching a deal which kept Bashar Al-Assad as president and this would give Iran the chance to deploy forces loyal to it in areas close to the Golan Heights.

Over the past year, the Nazi military has carried out several airstrikes deep inside Syria, targeting Hezbollah’s personnel and weapons.

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