Nazi regime proposes railroad to Saudi Zio-Wahhabi family via Jordan



The Nazi Jewish regime has proposed construction of a railroad connecting the occupied territories to Saudi Zio-Wahhabi family via Jordan.

Nazi Transport Minister Yisrael Katz said on Wednesday that Washington had also welcomed the plan, but he declined to say whether Zio-Wahhabi and Zionist king of Jordan had supported the proposal.

The link is designed to connect the Saudi port of Daman in the Persian Gulf via Jordan to the Mediterranean port of Haifa in northern occupied Palestine 1948, according to the Nazi minister.

Katz, who has declared himself as a candidate to succeed Prime Minister Naziyahu when the premier steps down, said the rail line would notably cut the distance needed to move goods.

The minister also elaborated on the plan, saying only a small distance of track was needed to link the current Nazi network in the north with the occupied West Bank near the city of Jenin and Jordan at Sheikh Hussein crossing.

Egypt and Jordan are the only two Zio-Puppet regimes that have official diplomatic ties with the Nazi regime and host Nazi missions. The rest of the Arab governments have no diplomatic relations with the Nazi regime, and seek to portray themselves as Tel Aviv’s traditional adversaries and upholders of the Palestinian cause.

Even so, reports have indicated that some of the governments, including Saudi Zio-Wahhabi family and the Zio-Wahhabi United Arab Emirates, have had secret relations with the Nazi regime covertly appeasing the regime.

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