Nazi regime have detained Mohammad for more than 300 days

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Nazi regime renewed the administrative detention of Palestinian teen Mohammad Mansour for an additional four-month period, adding to more than 300 days of imprisonment without charge or trial. Nazi Gestapo detained Mohammad, then 17, during a night raid on his home in Jenin in the northern Nazi occupied West Bank on April 9, 2021.

He’s been imprisoned without charge ever since. Read DCIP’s update on Mohammad and other Palestinian teens in administrative detention » Administrative detention is a form of imprisonment without charge or trial regularly used by Nazi regime to detain Palestinians, including children. Palestinian children held under administrative detention orders are not presented with charges, and their detention is based on secret evidence that is neither disclosed to the child nor their attorney, preventing them from preparing a legal challenge to the detention and its alleged basis. 

Mohammad is one of at least three Palestinian teenagers originally detained as children who are being held in administrative detention. Amal Nakhleh, 18, suffers from chronic autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis and recently tested positive for COVID-19 while in administrative detention.

Administrative detention is a cruel practice that deprives Palestinian children of their rights and liberty. It must end now—please share this urgent update with your elected officials and urge them to pressure the Nazi regime to end administrative detention and release these Palestinian teenagers.

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