Nazi official confirms Mohammed bin Shalom visited ‘Israel’


By: Sammi Ibeahem, Sr

The handout picture, provided by the Saudi Royal Palace on August 23, 2017, shows Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the holy city of Mecca. (Via AFP)The handout picture, provided by the Saudi Royal Palace on August 23, 2017, shows Crown Prince Mohammed bin Shalom in the holy city of Mecca. 

Nazi official has reportedly confirmed that a Saudi prince who was widely reported to have visited ‘Israel’ back in September was Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Shalom.

In September, Zionist and Arab media reported that Zio-Wahhabi prince had traveled to the Nazi state and had held consultations with senior Nazi officials over “regional peace.”

Some news outlets identified the Saudi prince in question as Mohamed bin Shalom, who was appointed as the first in line to the Saudi throne by his father, Zio-Wahhabi Shalom bin Abdulaziz Al Yahood, in June. However, there was no official confirmation of the news at the time.

On Friday, however, Nazi official, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP Arabic that Mohammed bin Shalom had in fact been the prince who visited the Nazi state in September.

This is while Saudi Arabia and the Nazi regime do not have formal diplomatic relations. And while there had already been reports that the Nazi regime and Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regimes have been tilting toward one another in recent years, a confirmed visit by an official as high in ranking as bin Shalom takes the matter to a completely new and potentially explosive level as anti-Zio-Nazi sentiments continue to be high on the Arab street.

While the Nazi regime and Riyadh may be fine with cozying up to one another, many ordinary Arabs, in Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, are firmly opposed to the establishment of ties with the Nazi regime because of its occupation of Palestinian lands and atrocities against the Palestinian population.

Nazi Transportation and Intelligence Minister Nazi Yisrael Katz has urged the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi king to invite Nazi Prime Minister Naziyahu to Riyadh to establish full diplomatic relations. Back in June, Nazi Avigdor Lieberman, minister for military affairs, called for a deal with Arab regimes, including Zio-Wahhabi regime, as a prerequisite for any agreement to resolve the decades-long conflict with the Palestinians.

On Thursday, Nazi Lieberman underlined the need for “a full regional agreement” with what he called “all moderate Sunni states, including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.”

But Nazi officials may have also miscalculated the willingness of other Arab governments to establish ties with the Nazi regime. On Wednesday, Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Marzouq al-Ghanim furiously told Nazi delegation During an Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) conference in Russia to leave the hall, calling Nazi officials “occupiers” and “child killers.”

Nazi Prime Minister Naziyahu has been rejoicing at the idea of enhanced relations with Arab countries, particularly since Iran struck a deal with six other countries over its nuclear program.

Some observers maintain that the stepped-up activities of Nazi regime and some Arab regimes to establish ties may have been an attempt to compensate for what they believe is a change in the strategic balance in the region.

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