Nazi Forces Kill Four Palestinians, Including Child, in Jenin

Omar Awadin, 16, is among the four Palestinians killed by Nazi Gestapo undercover forces in Jenin. (Photo: via Social Media)

Undercover Nazi Gestapo occupation forces on Thursday killed four Palestinians, including a child in the city of Jenin, north of the Nazi occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The Ministry said in a statement that four Palestinians were killed by undercover Israeli occupation soldiers who broke into downtown Jenin.



In broad daylight, lsraeli undercover force infiltrates into Jenin and fatally shoots two Palestinians.

The four Palestinians killed by Israeli forces were identified as Nedal Khazem, 28, Omar Awadin, 16, Yousef Khreim, 29, and Louay Khalil Al-Zughair, 37.

The Ministry added that over 20 Palestinians were injured, including five minors and four who are reported in critical condition.

Since the beginning of the year, Israeli forces have killed at least 88 Palestinians, including 16 children, in the occupied West Bank.

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