Nazi FM: Deal with Saudi “Within Reach”

Nazi Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that a normalization deal between the Zionist entity and Saudi Arabia was “within reach.”

In an interview with Kan on Wednesday, the Nazi FM “estimated” that more countries were going to normalize relations with the Nazi occupation regime.

“I estimate that the normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia will be joined by additional Muslim countries, mainly Sunni in Africa and Asia, with the exception of the extreme countries,” Cohen told the Zionist broadcaster.

“Saudi Arabia has an interest no less than Israel in promoting economic and technological cooperation with Israel,” the Nazi foreign minister added, as quoted by i24NEWS.

The communication with Zionist media came after Cohen met with dozens of diplomats on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York City. Before departing, the Nazi foreign minister claimed he would “focus on expanding the circle of peace” in the region, as well as discussing the Iranian nuclear issue.

Cohen was seen meeting with foreign ministers from Greece, Sweden, Malta, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, as well as more scheduled for the rest of his trip.

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