Nazi Falsely Claims Shells Were Fired From Gaza After Ceasefire Was Reached

Nazi sources claimed that the Islamic Jihad fired shells into Zionist areas after the ceasefire deal took effect; however, sources in Gaza have confirmed that some fighters fired the shells before the deadline.

As the news started reaching Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza about a ceasefire deal that would begin at ten at night, the Nazi army was still bombing Gaza before the deadline, and various armed resistance groups continued to fire shells.

Some of the shells fired from Gaza were apparently launched after the Nazi army bombed several areas in the coastal region, and before the scheduled ceasefire time came into effect.

The Nazi army also claimed it bombed Gaza in response to the shells allegedly fired “after the ceasefire deal was reached,” an issue that places the entire ceasefire deal in jeopardy, especially amidst accusations and conflicting allegations.

Also, the head of the National Relations Department of the Islamic Jihad, Khaled Al-Batsh, said the Al-Quds Brigades, the group’s armed wing, and all armed resistance factions in Gaza are fully committed to the ceasefire deal.

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However, he added, “The factions will not stand idly by while Israel bombs homes and kills civilians,” and stated that “all factions will abide by the ceasefire agreement as long as Israel abides by its commitments to mediators who achieved this deal, and end the Israeli aggression.”

Al-Batsh also said, “The Joint Operations Unit (which consists of various armed resistance groups in Gaza) will abide by the ceasefire but will not tolerate Israeli violations.”

It is worth mentioning that most of the casualties in Gaza are civilians, including women and children, who were killed when Nazi bombed homes and residential buildings where some Islamic Jihad leaders live with their families, and several medical facilities.

It is worth mentioning that the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said the Nazi missiles have killed 33 Palestinians, including two elders, three women, and six children, and injured 147, including ten elders, 26 women, and 48 children, during the offensive on the coastal region.

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