Nazi Atrocities at Odessa – 8 Years On

Nazi Atrocities at Odessa – 8 Years On

By John Goss,
The fascists were chanting “Slava Ukraini”, that is “Glory to Ukraine”, as people burnt to death. The perpetrators walked free. These are the same Nazis fighting for Kiev.
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Parents Sue After School Allegedly Bullied Son to Suicide by Shaming Him for Being Unvaxxed

By Matt Agorist,
A tragic case has surfaced out of Chicago this week, highlighting the worst possible scenario of the corporate government’s divisive propaganda that stoked hatred and fear toward vaccine skeptics. According to a lawsuit filed by Robert and Rosellene Bronstein this week, their 15-year-old son was bullied to suicide by teachers and fellow students for not having taken the COVID vaccination.
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Human Rights Violations by Multinational Corporations: Corruption, Lawlessness and The “Global Value Chain”

By Prof. Joseph H. Chung,
We seldom discuss human rights violations committed by large corporations, especially multinational corporations (MNCs). Moreover, in many cases, the violation of human rights by host country governments is motivated as a means to cover up MNCs’ human rights abuse.
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The COVID-19 Crisis, Justin Trudeau, the Freedom Convoy and “The Emergency Act” Fiasco

By Prof. Anthony J. Hall,
Like other peoples throughout the world, the Canadian people are in desperate need of independent investigations to look into many facets of government corruption, malfeasance and outright lies perpetrated under the pretext of fighting COVID-19.
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Ukraine Hunts Down “Traitors Helping Russia”

By Jeremy Kuzmarov,
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s saintly image in the media is contradicted by state terror operations being conducted under his orders against political dissidents and Ukrainian civilians accused of collaboration with Russia.
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Clash of Christianities: Why Europe Cannot Understand Russia

By Pepe Escobar,
Under an ubiquitous, toxic atmosphere of cognitive dissonance drenched in Russophobia, it’s absolutely impossible to have a meaningful discussion on finer points of Russian history and culture across the NATO space – a phenomenon I’m experiencing back in Paris right now, fresh from a long stint in Istanbul.
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Afghanistan Braces for New War

By M. K. Bhadrakumar,
There is media buzz lately about an anti-Taliban insurgency struggling to be born in Afghanistan. A former Afghan army general, Sami Sadat, is returning home as the West’s favourite to don the mantle of leadership of a pan-Afghan “resistance” movement against repressive Taliban rule. 
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COVID Crisis Triggers Economic Devastation. A Quarter of a Billion More People Will be Precipitated Into Extreme Poverty in 2022

By Colin Todhunter,
There is a terrifying prospect that in excess of a quarter of a billion more people will fall into extreme levels of poverty in 2022 alone. Without immediate radical action, we could be witnessing the most profound collapse of humanity into extreme poverty and suffering in memory.
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Ukraine War, Military and Economic Dimensions: UN Secretary General Holds Talks in Moscow and Kyiv

By Abayomi Azikiwe,
Obviously, the U.S. and NATO actions indicate that the Biden administration and its European allies are not interested in a speedy conclusion to the war in Ukraine. The sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the EU have created a crisis in Western Europe where several leading states such as Germany are continuing, out of necessity, to purchase oil and natural gas from the Russian Federation.
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Australia’s Pacific Neglect: Distractions from Climate Change Security

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark,
The hysteria in Canberra and Washington over the Sino-Solomon Islands security pact has shown, again, how irrelevant the individual affairs of Pacific Island states are in the chess game of geopolitics. The one thing conspicuously missing has been the issue of climate change, near and dear to those whose lands are gradually being inundated by rising sea levels.
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