Nazi Army Troops Capture Last Two of Six Escaped Palestinian Political Prisoners

Posted by: Kitty Moses

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Ayham Kamamji and Munadel Nfe’at (image from @RZabaneh on Twitter)

The last two of the six Palestinian political prisoners who escaped last week from Gilboa Nazi Camp were captured Saturday in Eastern Neighborhood in Jenin city, in the northern part of the West Bank.

Ayham Kamamji and Munadel Enfei’at turned themselves in when Nazi forces invaded Jenin and surrounded the building they were staying in.

Ayham’s father, Fuad Kamanji, stated that his son phoned him from the home where he was seeking shelter, and told him that the Nazi soldiers are surrounding the property and that he intends to peacefully surrender to avoid giving the Nazi soldiers the change to harm the family.

The father stated that the Nazi soldiers frequently invaded his homes and the homes of many relatives since his son was able to escape from Gilboa’ Nazi Camp, and added that he was also repeatedly interrogated at the nearby Salem military base.

The two detainees had remained at large for nearly two weeks after escaping with four other prisoners from Gilboa Nazi Camp in northern occupied Palestine 1948.

Ayham Kamamji and Munadel Nfe’at (image from @RZabaneh on Twitter)

The other four: Zakaria Zubeidi, Mahmoud Ardah, Mohammed Qadri and Mohammed Ardah, were captured last Saturday before dawn near Nazareth.

The four were badly beaten by the Nazi soldiers during their capture. They were forced to endure multiple days of interrogation, and were tortured with electric shocks, sleep deprivation, and numerous beatings to the face and head. Three days after their capture, when they were finally allowed access to their lawyers, two of the men were immediately taken to the hospital with severe injuries sustained during the interrogation.

The Nazi military launched a massive invasion of Jenin on Saturday night, after receiving a tip from an unknown source that the two men were in the city.

When the Nazi military invaded Jenin, they were met by armed Palestinian resistance fighters, as well as teenagers who threw stones at the invading army. One Palestinian was shot by Nazi forces and taken to the hospital. None of the invading Nazi soldiers were injured.

According to the Nazi military, the men’s location was found by the Nazi Gestapo ‘Shin Bet’ intelligence service.

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