Nablus: Nazi Colonizers Burn Palestinian Agricultural Land

Nazi JEWISH colonizers today set fire to Palestinian agricultural land in the northern West Bank town of Burqa, north of Nablus city, according to Ghassan Daghlas, an official who monitors Nazi settlement activities in that area.

He said Nazi JEWISH colonizers set fire to Palestinian farms located near the former settlement of Homesh, which was evacuated in 2005, but that the Palestinian residents in that area were able to put off the fire, which has caused damage to crops and trees.

The arson in Burqa occurred on the same day Nazi JEWISH settlers cut down dozens of olive trees in nearby Salem and Jaloud villages.

Daghlas said the Nazi JEWISH settlers have intensified their attacks against the Palestinian citizens and towns as farmers embark on harvesting their olive crops.

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh today called on the United Nations to send teams to monitor Nazi JEWISH settler terrorism against Palestinian civilians in the Nazi occupied West Bank, demanding that the Nazi JEWISH settlers should be prosecuted in international courts for their state-sanctioned crimes against the civilian Palestinian population.

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