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Saville Report released ‘within weeks’
Northern Ireland’s new Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, has reassured relatives of those murdered on Bloody Sunday that the Saville Report into the killings will be published “within weeks”, an assurance mirrored by British prime minister David Cameron.
Relatives Mickey McKinney and John Kelly were invited to attend Wednesday’s meeting with Mr Paterson by Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. Discussing the publication of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry report, both relatives described the meeting as a positive one.
Speaking afterwards, Mickey McKinney, whose brother Willie McKinney was shot dead on Bloody Sunday, said: “The meeting was very positive. The new Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, indicated that we should have the report within a matter of weeks, bearing in mind there are still some mechanics and logistics to be ironed out before he can commit to an exact date.
“The Secretary of State then told us that once he has an official date for publication, he will be in touch with the families and wounded to inform them of that date. He also said that before delivery to parliament, he himself would need time, perhaps twelve hours, to read through Lord Saville’s findings and formulate his statement before presenting it to parliament,” Mr McKinney said.
“We feel reassured by this latest meeting. It seems there will be no more delays as such – the report is ready and waiting – it’s just a question of printing,” he added.
John Kelly, whose brother Michael was murdered on Bloody Sunday, later received similar reassurances from British Prime Minister David Cameron via Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness.
Mr McGuinness has discussed the Inquiry report with Mr Cameron and the new Prime Minister confirmed the Secretary of State’s standpoint on publication.
John Kelly said: “Martin McGuinness has informed us that he raised the issue of the Saville Report with David Cameron yesterday, relaying the importance of a speedy release. David Cameron’s reply was, according to Mr McGuinness, very forthright in that he said he wants the report published “within weeks and not weeks running into months.”
“We, the families, now expect that to happen. No more delays and no more excuses,” Mr Kelly added.
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