Mystery child illness believed linked to coronavirus in 14 states

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New York is now investigating at least 102 cases of a rare illness striking children, and thought to be linked to COVID-19. Three children have died in the state.
Cases of pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome (PMIS) have now been reported in at least 14 states from coast to coast.
The CDC is preparing to issue a nationwide alert to help track the illness, a spokesman said on Tuesday.
Doctors say PMIS is likely a delayed inflammatory response to the coronavirus, often appearing weeks after a child is infected.
New York City, which has confirmed at least 82 cases, plans to launch an advertising campaign alerting parents what to watch out for.
Symptoms include prolonged fever, rash, abdominal pain, and the inflammation can attack organs like the heart or kidneys.
Tonight, Kristen Dahlgren interviews a 14-year-old girl in Oregon who survived after she was rushed to the hospital with cardiac failure, and was later diagnosed with PMIS.

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