Muslims Fighting for Donbass Against Fascism: Video

Muslims Fighting for Donbass Against Fascism: Video | Русская весна

There is a number of Muslims among the rebel troops in Donbass region, including volunteers from Russia and some other countries.

Like a kind of a co-stream movie, Donbass fighters made a video named The Islamic State of Donbass.

But truely that’s not for parody or joke. A lot of Orthodox Christians who prevail among the Donbass Militia are fond of Nasheeds – Muslim Spirit Chants. Standing together for the values of Belief and Dignity, Muslims, Christians and others fight together in this war against Nazis and Fascist Dictatorship of Oligarchs in Kyev.

Some of Muslims are high rank commanders in Militia, some are experienced warriors, others are just civilians who have taken arms to protect their families and homehood from the Kyev regime.

One ethnic Afghani from Russia provided an interview talking about his reasons to fight for Donbass.

As he said, there is no big choice for a man today: everybody should decide whether his place is for the evil site or against it.

Those Muslims who say that they are making Jihad in the Middle East are wrong. Actually they fight under the will of the American and British rulers. While here in Donbass Muslims and Christians are fighting together for the Peace, for the Word of God to be prized over the evil of unbelievers.


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