Morroco: Human rights Violations Committed by the Zionist puppet Regime

Right to self-determination, a fundamental human right, says CEAS-Sahara |  Sahara Press Service

amnesty internationalI demanded him to respect his obligations to international law#Amnesty International exposes violations of #Morocco inside the occupied desert cities🔸 Amnesty International exposes ′′ Amnesty ′′ in a report released yesterday, the human rights violations committed by the Moroccan regime against Saharan defenders and activists in the occupied territories, which have escalated particularly since the announcement of #FrenteBlolisario The armed struggle resumes in November last year. In a lengthy report on the human rights situation in #Western _ Sahara, the International Rights Organization, based in the British capital, the Moroccan authorities have intensified their attacks on Saharan activists and exposed them to abuse, arrest, detention and harassment aimed at escalating They are punished for their peaceful activities.🔸

During November 2020, the organization alone documented violations targeting 22 defenders and human rights activists, including seven cases of torture, other forms of ill-treatment, house arrest, nine cases of arrest, detention and Harassing people regarding their peaceful exercise of freedom of expression and assembly. Amnesty International reportedly recorded between 13 and 21 November 2020 Moroccan police surrounded the homes of many Saharan activists and increased the number of raids and arrests. This is why the Moroccan occupation authorities, to respect their obligations under international human rights law, to respect the right to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and the right not to be subjected to arbitrary arrest, torture and other forms of ill-treatment and rights At a fair trial.🔸

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It also demanded the lifting of the arbitrary house arrest imposed on a number of Sahrawi people from journalists and jurist activists, with independent investigations into the excessive use of force exercised by the security forces against these even when they were at home. The report denounced the ban on the entry of journalists, jurist activists and parliamentarians into the occupied areas imposed by a strict media blockade, pointing to the expulsion of the Moroccan authorities of a number of jurists and journalists who wanted to enter Morocco to investigate the reality of what is happening closely. The jurist organization documented violations that prolonged several Saharawi defenders and jurist activists, similar to Sultana Khia, who, alongside her family, is exposed to disgraceful practices by Moroccan security elements, for no reason only because she defends the just cause of her country.🔸

The organization reminded Morocco of its international obligations as a signatory to many human rights treaties, which it must work to implement and respect them and protect the rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and also the right In freedom and the right to a fair trial, the prevention of torture and all forms of ill treatment, noting that Moroccan law corresponds to these obligations but not in many cases, even considered that some articles in Moroccan criminal law are contradictory and these Commitments. In the same vein, the Political Committee of the National Desert Council condemned disgraceful practices, assault on human dignity and the throttling siege of the Sahrawi jurist and her family in the occupied city of Bogdour.🔸

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In a statement, the Political Committee called for action to lift the siege and manifestations of oppression and continuous narrowness imposed on Sultana Khia since November 19, 2020, demanding ′′ all rights and conscience events in all parts of the world to support the steadfast family In the face of the arrogance of the Moroccan occupation, its thirst and its violations “. the Committee alerted the international public opinion of the seriousness of the current legal and humanitarian situation in the occupied regions of the Saharawi Republic, especially in light of the escalation of war crimes and crimes against humanity after November 13, 2020, after the blatant breach of the ceasefire by Morocco and its military aggression against the desert people.🔸

The same condemnation position was expressed by the Sahrawi Society for the Protection and Spread of Desert Culture and Heritage, which denounced the systematic crimes that the Moroccan occupying organs continue to commit against Sultana Sayed Ibrahim Khia and her family in retaliation for their demanding positions With freedom and independence for the Saharawi people.(Evening)

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