Media Finally Begins Reporting On Russian ‘Combat Readiness’ After Alternative News


The amassing of over 160,000 Russian troops, bombers, and naval ships under an emergency ‘combat readiness’ drill order is now making the rounds throughout mainstream media and talk radio after being blasted into the headlines.

Photo:Wikimedia Commons
By Anthony Gucciardi
Amazingly, just a bit over on week ago I covered the Russian ‘combat readiness’ order while in amazement that no one was discussing it despite admissions that it really was going on. It was breaking news for sure, especially when we get into what happened before this abrupt call to ‘combat readiness’ for the Russian military system (which I will detail shortly). Ultimately, and this is really quite disturbing, it was up to independent alternative news sites like Storyleak (with the help of Infowars and others syndicating the news to millions worldwide) to blast it into the mainstream media.
A reality that is actually quite concerning.

Media Machine Focuses On Distractions

It truly paints a picture of just how the alternative media has become the new media when it comes to accessing information that is valuable and beyond the traditional spin of the day put out by news media juggernauts. Now let me be clear here, I understand of course the sources I’m referencing in regards to the Russian combat readiness drills are major publications — and oftentimes the major news companies do have the financial ability and workforce to deliver news stories from around the globe.
The problem comes with the subsequent spin, scripted rhetoric, and of course diversionary reporting on subjects far less important and irrelevant (such as continued 24/7 Zimmerman distraction news overshadowing the potential beginnings of a global conflict).
Even many prominent black celebrities and leaders actually understand what’s happening with the race baiting media right now, like Lupe Fiasco, who called out the media for turning the story into a racially-charged gimmick that was quickly turned from a legal battle to a racial battle. Meanwhile, of course, numerous blacks are killed in violent crime that go unnoticed. You see I’m aboutactually saving lives, using what we know has been shown to stop gun crime, and not ignoring the reality of what’s happening just because the media fails to discuss it.
But the simple fact is that the mainstream media can be augmented if we force them to pick up the news, and this latest piece is of extreme importance when you understand that the combat readiness drill was called into effect following an Israeli strike on Russian missiles in Syria — a potential provocation in the eyes of Putin and the Russian government. This is, of course, analysis you also will not find in many of the newer media reports — but at least it’s being discussed on a basic level.
And that’s thanks to you, the reader that actually cares about real news. The true measure of our success can be witnessed when considering how alternative news really works. After all, I am delivering news and analysis that I often find buried at the bottom of news stories or perhaps mentioned in passing within a piece piece that has only a few Facebook shares. After I detail what’s going on, it’s ultimately up to you, the reader, as to whether or not we will be changing the world in a matter of hours or days.
Thankfully, we do actually force the media to cover the news we dig up or they risk losing virtually 100% of their readership and falling flat on their face in a blatant display of failure when it comes to reporting on news that matters. Which is why we see a new trend of phony alternative news websites popping up around the internet and even an alternative news vibe becoming extremely popular on news television. What these pretenders will soon find out, however, is that it’s extremely easy to tell who is real and who is a fraudster — journalists and public figures who are not truly interested in seeking truth are destined to fail.
Ultimately, you are the new media — the alternative news media is now at the forefront of what’s truly important, and you the reader are what empowers it. Keep on spreading the word.

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