Farewell to Helen Thomas

By Gilad Atzmon
Helen Thomas, one of the last truth tellers, died last Saturday. Thomas was the longest serving White House correspondent, she grilled 10 USA presidents in an astonishing career that started in 1943. She was 92.
The heroic lady survived 10 American presidents but was cornered by a single Rabbi who videotaped her suggesting that Israelis should “get out of Palestine” and “go home” to Poland, Germany and America. This truthful comment brought down widespread condemnation that ended Thomas’ White House career. The way in which Thomas was treated was just another indication of the power of the Jewish Lobby and the manner in which it interferes with freedom of speech and other elementary freedoms.
I met Thomas last year in Washington DC, she attended an event with Norton Mezvinsky and myself that was organised by The Washington Report. Thomas was very weak but her brightness and humanism were shining.
Thomas will be remembered as a brave and unique voice of truth. I can’t wait to meet her in heaven.
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