By Aung Aung
The Stateless

18 Rohingya from Minpya and Mrauk U towns of Arakan were persuaded to go to Yangon by a broker Maung Ni, (35 years of age). As Rohingyas are generally blocked from moving around, leaving their villages is impossible without the permission of the police. The broker had a good relationship with the police who had been blocking the Rohingya from leaving their villages.

On 16 February 2014, 18 Rohingya were transported by the broker and police by truck.  3 police accompanied them up to an area of dense forest where they saw another person. The police handed over those 18 Rohingya to the person standing there.  One of the Rohingya asked the person who was standing there why they could not continue by truck and why they needed to go on foot. He told them that there was a checkpoint on the highway and that they needed to pass that. After a few minutes walking, there saw a group of armed people. The person who was leading them rushed over to the group. That group started shooting so everyone ran away, according to the testimony of one of the survivors.
2 survivors reached the next village after 3 days.  They told people that they ran into the forest to escape. They said – “We heard some people screaming, we didn’t how could we reach here, 3 days, hiding and starving on the way. We can’t go to our village, we are hiding in another village, because if police heard about us, they would arrest us. We think all of those who were killed by them”.

Those 18 Rohingya are:
1/Nazir Ahmad s/o Mv abdulzalil 18 years from Harapine village Minpya
2/Kararshay, s/o Abdurrahman 17years Harapine village
3/Mg Ba, s/o Abdurrazak 25years Harapine
4/Abdul Mabud, s/o Dudu Alam, 23years Harapine
5/Zaenal Abiddin, s/o Faza Rashid, 19years Harapine village
6/-Nezamul Haq, s/o Hamza, 22years Satkya village , Minpya
7/Aliakbar, s/o Md Akbar 25 years, Satkya village
8/Md Nur, s/o Abu Tahir ,30 years, Satkya village
9/Anwar, s/o Nur Hasan 20years Satkya village
10/Wajib, s/o Abul Hashim 23years, Satkya Minbya
11/Nur Krim, s/o Nur Husan 22 years old,Latta Auk village
12/Mv Md Alam, s/o Kalu 35years old,Lakma village
13/Dil Md,s/o Lalu 18years old, Lama village
14/Md Sharif, s/o Md Dulhaq 20years old, Lama village
15/Ahmad, s/o Abdul Hakim 25years old,Chandaung village Myauk Oo town
16/Larshu, s/o Nur Husan 15years old, Chandaung village Myauk Oo.
17/Umar Faruq, s/o Abdul Gafur 24 years ,Satkya village Minbya
18/Muhiddin, s/o Zainal Abiddin 25 years Aungdaing village
Out of the 18 Rohingya, only 2 escaped the brutal massacre of 16.2.14.
Rohingya whose movements are blocked have two options: die while trying to leave or die in their own houses because of malnutrition, starvation, and lack of medical access.

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