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The government’s decision onMurdoch’s takeover of BSkyB is imminent. But Vince Cable, who’s opposed this deal from the start, could still derail it by threatening to resign and bring down the coalition if it goes through. Let’s call on Cable to follow his conscience andtake a bold stand for our media and our democracy. Sign the petition now:

Sign the petition!

Jeremy Hunt plans to approve Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB takeover in a few days time. But the coalition is weak and divided. With a huge appeal now to Vince Cable – who knows the danger Murdoch poses to our democracy – we could derail the deal.
In return for supporting David Cameron at the general election, Rupert Murdoch expected to own all of BSkyB months ago. He’s angry thatwe forced the government to put the brakes on. The Lib Dems were hammered by voters last month and are now desperately trying to distance themselves from the Tories. So let’s raise a mass outcry to Vince Cable to follow his conscience and threaten to resign unless the government blocks this deal.
Sign the petition calling on Cable to stand up against News Corporation, and for our democracy. We’ll deliver it with a splash to the Business Secretary next week, making media waves that could rock the coalition. With hacking scandals piling up and the deal’s cost rising every day this could be decisive. Sign now, and circulate to everyone you know.
Last year Murdoch filed to take over 100% of the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, to add to his media empire that includes close to 40% of our newspapers. Since then we’ve signed petitions, funded ads and legal briefings, rallied outside key meetings and sent tens of thousands of submissions to official processes. Last week Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was again delaying his decision because his staff are going through “a very large number of responses to the public consultation”.
Meanwhile additional evidence of phone hacking is crushing News Corp’s reputation with politicians and the public. The high court is now reviewing why the police failed to investigate fully. If the court finds that the police were leant on by News Corporation or the government, all hell will break loose. Murdoch’s outrageous tactics were also shown this week as Sky Italy dumped a TV station that has criticised Fox News’ biased coverage in the USA.
A few months ago Vince Cable – who’s more of a conviction politician than almost anyone in the cabinet – said he’d declared war on Rupert Murdoch. Recently he’s found his independent voice again, and the Lib Dems are desperate to show they’re not the Tories’ lapdogs. Let’s urge him to fire off a salvo and give Jeremy Hunt the choice: please Murdoch or save the coalition. Sign and petition and share this email today.
Our media is vital for our democracy and cannot be left to technocrats and politicians alone to safeguard. We’ve already shown how people power can make a huge difference against huge odds – with the costs to Murdoch up by about 30% already. When people raise their voices they can transform principle into practice — and give politicians the backbone to do what’s right. Let’s rise to this moment, and ask Cable to do the same.
With hope and determination,
Alex, Pascal, Giulia, Ben and the whole Avaaz team
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