Divest from Zionist Companies


Thank you for signing the petition demanding that TIAA-CREF divest from companies in their portfolio that profit from the Israeli Occupation. I am writing to you now with a campaign update and ways to get active with the campaign this summer.

As our recent campaign update explains:
TIAA-CREF would rather censor their investors than let a resolution about Israeli Occupation reach their shareholder ballot. This is our chance to reach a whole new audience of TIAA-CREF investors and ask: “Why is TIAA-CREF Censoring You?”
From now until the CREF Shareholder Meeting in mid-July, we will be doing everything in our power to get that question out into the world—and with it the facts about TIAA-CREF’s investments in Israeli Occupation. This will be a fast-paced and action-oriented time of the campaign. We will do many things to raise We Divest’s profile, including two nationally-coordinated days of on-the-ground actions for you to be a part of in your local areas:
1) Flash Mobs! Week of June 20th.
Creative street theater in front of TIAA-CREF local offices.
2) Take the Vote to TIAA-CREF Action Day. July 19th.
TIAA-CREF has censored their own shareholder vote, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the vote to them. These actions will look and feel like election parties–we’ll have an anchor event in New York City and groups around the country can set up symbolic “polling places” as well.
Please let us know what actions you can participate in or even help to organize by completing this quick form and we will connect you to other We Divest Campaign supporters and organizers in your area!

Rabbi Alissa Wise

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