London Solidarity with Conscientious Objectors

The post we’ve been waiting for so long to publish: After 88 days of prison, the Minister of the Conscience Shachar Peretz has been exempted from military service!

Shahar came to the denial when she was 17, and asked to hear more from us about refusing to join the IDF. She has been very active in arguments since then, and in the form of the Shaminists letter 2021. The decision to refuse has been accumulated by her over the years.

In August 2021 Shahar represented the Tel Hashomer State Council on her recruitment order, and the statement that she refuses to join the IDF as an act of opposition to the occupation policies and solidarity with the conquered Palestinian people. 88 days Shahar was in military prison, cut off from her family and friends, except for a few days of “vacation” between prisons, in which she continued activism, told about her decision to refuse, and inspired sons and daughters across the country and spectators who followed her refusal process abroad.

Shahar, we are so proud of you and wish you lots and lots of success in the future. People like you are an inspiration to all of us, in action with a message of true solidarity, a just fight and hope for a better future. We, in the arguments, have been able to accompany you through the process, and are sure that in your footsteps, will come more young sons and daughters who will bravely refuse and in an unwavering stand on their principles.

2022 starts with good news ❤️

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