Israel’s deadly attack on the aid ships sailing to Gaza has shocked many of us. Leaders around the world have spoken out against the attacks but is our government doing all it can? A people-powered push from 38 Degrees members could make sure that our government turns words into urgent action. 
Across the world governments need to do all they can to ensure a real investigation into the attacks and up the pressure on Israel to lift the Gaza blockade. We could help, by pushing our government to make this a priority. 
Should 38 Degrees work together to demand our government does all it can? Let us know in our 30 second poll:
We know that some ministers accept the need to do more. Last year the Deputy Prime Minster, Nick Clegg, said that the British government and international community had done “next to nothing” to get the blockade lifted. He said “tough-sounding declarations are issued at regular intervals but little real pressure is applied”. [1] Right now the government is hesitating about how far to go. If we worked together, we could make sure they know that words aren’t enough and that we expect action.
Together we have a track record of demanding that the UK plays a positive role in the world. We’ve pushed our politicians to show leadership globally on climate change. We’ve demanded a proper inquiry into the UK’s role in the Iraq war. Should we demand our government applies real pressure this time?
If 38 Degrees members think we should work together on this we can launch an urgent action right away. Please let us know what you think now, it takes just a few seconds:
Thanks for being involved,
David, Hannah, Johnny, Nina and the 38 Degrees Team

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