Libya: Lies Behind Lies Behind the “Humanitarian War” ..



It’s really sad when journalists want to print the truth, but are prevented from doing so because of concerns about keeping their jobs.  It seems that is the situation today with the video that shows that all of the Libya destruction was built on a pack of lies.

The video done by Julien Teil called “The Humanitarian War” demonstrates, in the words of the author of the original lie, that there was no evidence at all to back up the allegation that thousands were killed by the Jamahirya government, but that instead, a small circle of friends “worked” that lie throughout the various organs of the United Nations and the result is genocide of a people and contamination of a land.

Now, here’s my request to you.  Can you become a journalist for a day and post the video link to just a few of the sites that you visit regularly?  If the real journalists won’t do it, then could you?  It is clear that we have to become the journalists that we seek.

All of a sudden it seems the ICC is to investigate allegations of War Crimes committed by NATO in Libya. Obviously this is going to be a total “whitewash” as ICC is funded and manned mainly by three members of UNSC P5 who are also main members of NATO and will effectively be investigating themselves.

With NATO actions currently taking place in Afghanistan and Pakistan (undeclared & illegal War), we must conduct a War Crimes Tribunal or else allow NATO Member States to avoid blame after investigating themselves and finding their role as innocent and in support of the so-called ‘Freedom Revolutionaries’ of Libya.

Anyone who has evidence or witness reports regarding NATO Crimes should get in touch so that we can start a process that would ensure some actual accountability is sought in reality on behalf of all victims, living or dead.

Finally, if you haven’t taken the time to watch this video, please do.  It will take your breath away that all of this has been done by NATO to Libya and its foundation is a lie.  What kind of people would do that to their own country?

Click here to have a look at Julien (not Jonathan) Teil’s, “The Humanitarian War:”

(Those of you in Europe, Africa, and Asia might want to use this link instead:



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