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Rt Hon William Hague MP
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
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May 31st 2010
Dear William,
I am writing this urgently to express my shock and outrage at Israel’s behavior in attacking, boarding and killing people who are on the humanitarian flotilla to Gaza.
Apparently 20 people have been killed and I am concerned for the fate of all those involved including the British nationals on board. I know two of them very well, Sarah Colborne and Kevin Ovenden.
I hope that the UK Government has already protested in the strongest possible terms to Israel on this attack, in international waters, on a vessels carrying aid to the people of Gaza. I also hope that there will be an immediate suspension of the EU Trade Agreement, reference to the UN Security Council and appropriate and immediate sanctions made against Israel for this clearly illegal acts.
Additionally I hope we will put pressure on the USA to act accordingly and specifically revoke the planned further military aid of $150millions for a missile system.
I visited Gaza earlier this year as part of a pan European Parliamentary delegation and saw for ourselves the continuing destruction from “Operation Cast Lead”, the shortages of medicines and vital supplies and the isolation and imprisonment of the people. The continued blockade and under-supplying of Gaza is appalling and also illegal. Not surprisingly the people look to other countries to recognise their plight and put appropriate pressure on Israel.
I would be obliged if you could tell me what actions have been taken by the British Government in respect of the illegal attack and over the safety of British nationals on the vessels.
With thanks,
I await your response,
Jeremy Corbyn MP

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