Lebanon: The US ambassador is chasing the Minister of Health

“Lebanon Debonate” – Abdullah Qamh

It is no secret that when the American Ambassador Dorothy Chia Trap “Awkar” stepped into a feeling among politicians that a new stage had opened or almost opened in Lebanon in connection with the newcomer “CV”, which is used to insert itself from the “needle hole” of the region’s files.

In Tel Aviv, when the diplomatic missions assumed it, the Israelis and the Palestinians told it … Thus, it won early the “hawks” degree among the ambassadors who were previously adopted in Lebanon.

Some have gone out of their way to try to be on the test list, seeking to understand their genes and how they relate to ancestors. Quickly, the results appeared. Chia is almost closer to Jeffrey Feltman and farther than “Elizabeth” Steele, Richard Richard, with a special adjective that carries the “love of media appearance”.

The coincidences wished that when Chia was determined to enter the Lebanese battlefield as ambassador, the “cook” of Amer al-Fakhoury had flattened. We consider that the circumstance helped her to formulate a different picture, and what helped her in that is that when she rolled up her arms for a request to the Israeli customer, he responded to it, and the embassy choir undertook the demonstration of “achievement” as a “victory” for which a “female ambassador” was founded. Since then it was understood that we are facing a different person, which showed the impression that the American administration is facing a revised version of its policies adopted in Lebanon.

As the target wing of the ambassador’s activity, Hezbollah understands what is being prepared early. He realized that we are facing a different situation, and he recorded in his record some points that are useful in reading the nature of the ambassador in the future, then he concluded in principle that he is in front of an ambassador similar to the American President Donald Trump in terms of interest in media appearances, but its media image is interested in it and strives to reserve a place for her in the circle of interests .

This is in the form, but in the political dimension, those who follow the party’s performance during the past weeks observe the size of their interest in the ambassador’s activity, and most likely subject her recent presence through meetings, tours and conferences that she conducted to a careful, direct and comprehensive follow-up in an attempt to monitor any reflections or changes that may get The earth is useful for connecting matters together. It is possible to say, after the initial comments, that the party realized that its opponent was the “owner” of a different project, so there was no link between Al-Dahiya and Awkar.

In turn, Chia reckons Hezbollah for an account. Earlier, I took a scrutiny of the level of his presence in the authority and administration in general and comparing him between today and yesterday with the embassy’s data. Perhaps what the ambassador now takes the degree of movement of the Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, who, by virtue of the American reading, enjoys the status of a Hezbollah representative within the executive authority.

There is no doubt that the Minister of Health has reserved a different place for all diplomatic attaches in Lebanon. And only others, he received a domestic-international diplomatic mention in connection with his performance and his role in combating the Corona outbreak, something that disturbs the US embassy because the minister is affiliated with Hezbollah.

But, of course, Shia is governed by an insurmountable framework, which is that the Minister of Health is charged with managing the “confrontation of Corona” file, and the American pragmatism leads her automatically towards opening the doors of her cooperation with the Ministry specifically. Something like a knot for “Awkar” that does not include separation between the party and its ministers on its agenda, so I have devoted to devising ways to open medical aid credits in favor of the Ministry of Health in a “evasive and circumvent” way, that is, without crossing the minister’s channel and its approvals.

Something that the Minister of Health understood early on, and it seems that he dealt with him according to the same pragmatic rule that he dealt with after Shea attended the ambassadors meeting in Baabda, even though he has attested to his competition from Awkar in the field of fighting the “epidemic” and showing the media presence of American aid from outside the gates of the Ministry of Health !

The “embassies” interest in the presence of the minister expands towards his dynamic circle, where his path outside the walls of his ministry is special readings by Awkar.

One of the periodic councils of American ambassadors, who by the way is a former deputy and a “viewer” in the sovereign field, quoting Shia for her dissatisfaction with the vision of Hezbollah Minister in the government Hamad Hassan – assuming that it is the Hezbollah government – arriving and touring Christian towns and receiving support in his project to combat “Corona” ” Here you ask about the party’s opponents in the Christian environment and the reason for their resignation from facing its penetration in the “sovereign environment”. A scene showing the amount of “panic” from the role of Hezbollah, even if it came under the Corona pandemic.

The “human presence” arranged special attention for the US embassy. There are those who link competition in aid to the role played by the party in general and the Ministry of Health named on it, especially in Christian areas, precisely, if some find in the competition the accumulation of benefits in the interest of limiting the spread of the epidemic locally, as well as others who took the diet to ask a question about the possibility of the presence of the “minister “Introductory visit discussions in Maarab?

Ambiguity appears to be prevalent. The burning “cold war” between the suburb and Akkar is expected to reach greater levels. There are those who fear the situation and the possibility that “the nature of the confrontation” will prevail over the entire Lebanese situation. Here we are, and under the current circumstances, before a possible return to the 2006-2008 model that Feltman managed and ended with the fall of his group on May 7.

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