Lebanon: Selling members and prostitution in exchange for a cheese sandwich

Selling members and prostitution in exchange for a cheese sandwich … This is what will happen in Lebanon !?

At the height of the crisis that Lebanon has been going through for months, while the ordinary citizen is afraid for his basic daily strength, and for his simple savings that he mistook and “lost” in banks, he is informed of some circulars or decisions that are still issued from time to time, whether by the Bank of Lebanon or On behalf of the Association of Banks, or even those that are not directly related to financial and monetary affairs, but rather to other life matters, and this ordinary citizen needs someone who decodes the “code” of the technical meanings contained therein.

And the matter gets worse when there is no one to explain anything to him about, at a time when (if he gets) he gets the 100 or 200 dollars, the way he is accustomed to practicing the “Shahada” from now, which is the case that we may already reach, in the future!


What does the average citizen care now, except to check on the future of his deposits, which are no longer available in theory or notebooks? And who is making him bear the reality that everything that he tired before, is gone, and that he must establish again, now? And who can help those who have reached the autumn of life, more than the emerging generations and those that will grow after years, especially after the first-class followers are looking behind them, to find nothing? And they feel that thirty, forty, or maybe fifty years of their life, “flew” with their fees, probably never?

And who tried the groups that were really aware of what is happening in the country, financially and economically for years, and arranged their positions on this basis, while obscuring the knowledge of the rest of the Lebanese, and depriving them of protecting their lives?

And who will judge the Lebanese groups that are still until now, to dispose of their deposits in the Lebanese banks themselves, according to their whims, and in isolation from all procedures, circulars and decisions issued? Who will prosecute the groups responsible for that? And who can stop the chaos and murderous daily discretion of the poor groups that have become the majority of the Lebanese, and the peoples of the earth alike?

“The Resurrection Made?” …

Pro-government and opposition parties… All parties and parties to the authority share the practice of hypocrisy on people, otherwise “the resurrection would have occurred” in the country a long time ago, and the armed revolution would have erupted from the first moments of the October 17 uprising?

Where are the funds of the different political parties and currents? Pro and Opposition? Are they held in Lebanese banks? of course not!

And when did the custodians of those parties smuggle them from Lebanese banks, if they were already there? If the Lebanese parties have not trusted the banks of Lebanon for years, we ask why?

And if most parties, and with different political and partisan affiliations, become aware of the movement to escape and smuggle funds from Lebanon, between 2015 and 2016, then why did everyone conceal the truth about the ordinary Lebanese citizen? And if the argument is that there is no justification for panic, or to intimidate people, or to shake confidence in the banking sector and cause the bankruptcy and bankruptcy of Lebanon, why did those parties, currents, political figures, financial and businessmen and … and … and … in all fields, not leave their own and their funds in Lebanese banks? Like the ordinary citizen,

And why should the “miserable”, non-partisan, or citizen classified by the earth’s great people and its elite, be one of the earth’s fugitives ((why should he) alone) bear the responsibility not to bankrupt his country? And why is he not allowed in the current moment also to dispose of his money as he wants, as well as the category of “elite” if it still keeps what it keeps from, in Lebanese banks?

Do not appear to them !?

The danger is that things are not only related to a specific political class, but that a large group of Lebanese are already participating in savoring iniquity. As for the “jawal”, what is “looking” at the end, except for those who do not appear !!!

Some Lebanese parties are afraid of pursuing a program with the “International Monetary Fund”, with “sovereign” arguments, as if the sovereignty of the Lebanese state can be restored, in light of the weariness that these parties have brought to it, through practices and practices, which they undertook during years and years.

As for others, he is eager to follow a program with the “box” itself, as if he had “the heart of the lion”, after a painstaking battle that showed his manhood!

But this and that, they ignore the fact that the programs of the entire world, and not only the “cash fund” or other international financial institutions, will not solve the Lebanese problem, if the essential element required is not available, which is the availability of the appropriate team in the authority, which can build a real state through The Lebanese are openly honest with everything, which was expressed by the United Nations Special Coordinator in Lebanon, Jan Kopeche, a few days ago, by saying: “I hope that the technical advice requested by the Lebanese government from the“ International Monetary Fund ”will not remain confidential for the Lebanese people, as it has the right to be informed On it, because it is his own. ”

“Any solution to the economic, financial and banking crisis must start with full transparency regarding the solvency of Lebanon and the” central bank, “provided that it is communicated with complete clarity, honesty and accountability to the public,” he added.

“Burnt out”

The truth is that no one tells the public anything. This team “flushes” a group of its economists and financial experts, through this or that medium, to talk about the financial and economic conditions in a completely different way from the experts of other parties whose groups “scatter” groups of its experts, through other media. The result is that the “cooking is blatant”, as if we were in front of the magicians of the court of Pharaoh or the kings of ancient times !!!

What if we said that the “IMF” programs would never be a magic solution, based on the experiences and experiences that were lived in countries that followed programs with it, years ago.

In this context, for example, we recall that in Greece, due to the austerity policies imposed by the state to get out of the severe financial crisis, within the path of Athens’s engagement with the “International Monetary Fund” and some partners in the euro area, the situation reached many girls to work in Prostitution domain, in exchange for a “sandwich” of cheese !!!

A study conducted years ago showed that the price of the sex trade in Greece, when the economic crisis began there, was 50 euros, but fell to 2 euros, in the strongest of austerity!


The road to advancement remains arduous and long, even if programs are pursued with international financial institutions, which means that many segments of people will not endure this for long years, and the result will be either armed revolutions, or flooding people with activities such as prostitution, drugs, and even some other prohibitions, in exchange To have the least to survive every day, particularly among the poorest groups !?

Despite the recovery in the Greek economy, after obtaining the assistance of the International Monetary Fund and some Europeans, until 2018, more than 35 percent of the Greeks remained below the poverty threshold, while some were forced to work with monthly salaries less than 300 or even from 200 euros!

Whereas, in 2018, members of 40 percent of Greek families continued to postpone their visits to doctors, for financial reasons, which means lack of access to necessary and necessary health care.

As for the youth category, the figures showed that 7 out of 10 youths, between the ages of 18 and 35, were still looking to leave Greece in 2018, despite indications of improvement shown by the Greek economy, at that time.

40? …

Economists stress that the absence of a broad investment policy, and the lack of relaxation of budgets for years after the end of the rescue plan, will make the Greek economy in continuous attempts to ensure its continuity rather than seeking growth, amid the impact of austerity plans even in the post-completion phase, on future generations. .

Over the next 40 years, the Greek government will have to achieve greater growth rates annually than spending rates, while ensuring that the economy expands. In addition to continuing with the operations of withholding retirees and expanding the tax base, while the percentage of the unemployed remains relatively high.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are no complete solutions to the current Lebanese crisis, even if a program is followed with the “International Monetary Fund”. And what we experience today, its effects will continue to haunt future generations, for years and years. Are future Lebanese kidneys, organs, and dignities sold for half a meal ??

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