But whether or not we should be “at war” at all should be challenged when confronting our Talmudic Zionist Commander. Then we must consult the writings of Sun Tzu to see if an enemy should EVER BE IDENTIFIED as some vague abstraction.

If so, (Sun Tzu would roll over in his grave if we were ever to ascribe to him such a ridiculous conception of warfare), this would mean endless Zionist  wars. Of course, that would be just fine with the Zionist senator and his Zionist friends.

Concluding his rant, Lieberman enlists his co-religionist into the fray, David Benjamin, the “ambassador-at-large” for counterterrorism.

Quoting from a recent speech by Benjamin who warned that “al Qaeda is not the only Islamic group with global ambitions that we have to worry about,” the senator willfully excludes the obvious group with global ambitions that Americans REALLY have to worry about, namely, Lieberman’s own kind.

With total dominance over America’s political life, banking, the press, the media, academics, and the Military/Industrial complex, Zionist, like Lieberman, are part of a centuries-old plan of global conquest.

Little wonder then that Lieberman deflects our focus on his own tribe to a wider scope of “international Islamic terrorists.” As the saying goes, “when the heat is on don’t let your adversaries see you in the kitchen.”

The pot keeps calling the kettle black. But it’s time to take a closer look at the pot.

With more and more Americans removing the Zionist smoke from their eyes, Mr. Lieberman may soon find himself and his co-religionists at the top of the list of America’s enemies.


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