Jewish Lobby ”8”: Is it called poetic justice?


Rex Williams and Earl Aiman

“What can we do to stop them from hating us?”

(Why they hate America by Paul Balles)

Simple! Stop acting like a tyrant.

“The new American Tyranny,” … nothing new, actually!

Prior to 1776 the British Colonies of the New world practiced British tyranny against the native American and the French colonists of North America. Post 1776, the practiced the “New American” tyranny against what remained of the Native American, and the Spanish Colonial in North America. And when they were all subdued or brought to heel, went on to export it overseas, product which they have continued to export ever since, in an ever greater degree.

We have become the tyrant which we overcame to escape, and we have assumed his mantle and the hatred of our own victims of tyranny.

Israel, on a smaller scale, has continued in the same vein, having escaped from the tyranny of Europe, they have embarked on their own reign of tyranny in the Middle East.

Both have learned the lessons of tyranny very well, all except the last one; the sword of Damocles will fall, and the heads will roll.

But, having wielded that sword themselves to gain their seats of tyranny, they are familiar only with the hilt end of the sword, and have yet to see and experience the import and the impact of the other end of the sword, the point and the cutting edge.

It is writ on the wall. It is simply a matter of time.

We learn nothing from history, the history of others, or or own. Thus, we repeat, repeat and repeat the same actions, never dreaming that the same results will follow.

Check Einstein  on definitions of Insanity.


Earlaiman is right in showing the connection to the British form of Empire.  But it was not a connection as such but more a lesson that the US learned, quickly. That is what we are referring to here…Empire. When Britain after the First World War  and  before the Second World War, started to hear the rumblings of discontent from India, as the very best example one could imagine, they took an inordinate amount of time to make the move and to pass independence to that great nation, for all its years since the original spice trade a slave to British power, subjugated, robbed blind and exploited.

What a place for the US to learn how not to do it. But then, they still did it and are continuing to this day. Same mistakes, same arrogance and same military emphasis.

As Earlaiman said, ‘we repeat the same actions, never dreaming that the same results will follow”

But follow they do!

Now the British had moved into most of the countries of the world but there were many that were of little commercial value and were subject to a ‘paternalistic’ approach to management and control. The Caribbean is a good example, still showing remnants of the old British Empire  today built on devious deals by past pragmatic Colonial administrations, thick on the ground around the world

The US approach has been different but blatant. They have used military might, economic blackmail, trade, loans, threats and bullying to make all their geographical alliances into military outposts, now having more than 725 at the last count. But that kind of presence wears thin eventually despite obvious economic advantages to the locals. A classic case is Okinawa, an open sore between Japan and the US, continuing area of argument.

The current world climate would be so simple for that outrageous failure, the US Secretary of State Clinton in which to operate. She would make USAID dependent on the monies being borrowed from Jewish Banks, the financial consultancy being handled by a Jewish consultant and all the beneficiaries to be Jewish, to ensure her continued support by the AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) Israeli fifth column , an organization tolerated, nay encouraged by Obama, Biden and 80% of all compromised elected US representatives, the so-called Zion-prostitutes.

The very procedures that the US employed to civilize the Americas, for example, will show through accurate historical records to have been a universal failure with US citizens like Abrams and Weiss as their front line troops and the School of the Americas as their training establishment, the West Point of Death. By then, commercial interests were telling all the US governments what to do, just as Israel is now telling Obama what to have for breakfast, or else.

For further reading on this subject, if you have a strong stomach, see Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Philippines Venezuela and Cuba. The list is endless.

Can’t think of a single reason why anyone living in any of those countries would want to ask the question “Why do we hate them?” They know, only too well

I would enjoy seeing a document from the State Department outlining the policy and procedure dictates to engage in the subjugation of the ‘natives’, the economic control, the one-way trade deals and how this should be done hopefully by someone who has done it correctly in the past.

Such a manual is probably out of print now and has been for over 50 years.

However, if such a civilian person exists, no, existed, he should have been stuffed and mounted in a prominent place for all the world to see. We all know he was not a civilian, but a military man, backed up by the tarnished CIA and any number of sleazy local politicians, murder squads, all in the name of democracy and armed with warships and fighter/bombers, every imaginable weapon and if the US  couldn’t beat them, bribe them, kill them, then they would place an embargo (as per Cuba) for forty years. Still doing it today with their heavy-handed sanctions against Iran on behalf of their masters, Israel. What have they learned?

Now that is diplomacy US-style and there is no US government since time began that has done it any differently.

History, once again. A great teacher for all the wrong reasons.

Finally is does seem appropriate and just  that right at this moment the US, the superpower in 2010, is being manipulated by the worst and most devious people who ever drew breath. The Israelis, Jews, Zionist, call them what you will, all of whom have an even worse understanding of humanity, democracy, fairness, compassion and justice than the US has shown to any other country, ever.

A perfect pair. Gird you loins, America. They have been despoiling you for years and they are now sufficiently entrenched to keep doing it, but even better than before.

Is it called poetic justice?

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