Jewish Lobby ”7”: Russia Beyond the Headlines — Change of the Times?



Is this a sign of the times?


The Canberra Times, a conservative newspaper printed in Canberra, Australia, but part of the large Fairfax Group (not the Likudist Murdoch group), therefore not Zionist owned, now include every month a 14 page supplement called “Russia Beyond The Headlines”, RBTH, as it is known.

So is the Russian Supplement a change of the times ? Just too much change, far too quickly, all of a sudden, after fifty years of US propaganda and Australian subservience?

by Rex Williams


Your guide to Russia, a diverse and complex country in a state of major transformation that cannot be understood in the context of stereotypes.

The Canberra Times, a conservative newspaper printed in Canberra, Australia,  but part of the large Fairfax Group (not the Likudist Murdoch group), therefore not Zionist owned, who also own the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age as well, now Include every month  a 14 page supplement called “Russia Beyond The Headlines”, RBTH,  as it is known. 

There is no doubt that this addition is only printed by Fairfax and probably “does not reflect the views of the management” (my words) as a best guess.  Probably just a commercial arrangement.

Even so….?

Now this may not be news to you all as you may have something similar in other countries. But I thought the Russian produced supplement being distributed in this country was somewhat revolutionary and an indication that perhaps people are hungry for the facts that are closer to the truth than the current media offerings. One could see this as a cynical comment but for those readers among us who only have access to the news available in the distorted Zionist media but who also have access to the real truth via the reliable blogs, know that never the twain shall meet. There is just no comparison.

In the US, one can see the penalty years ago in having a Constitution constructed by wiser men in the USA than they have ever experienced in over 100 years and  which initially guaranteed ‘freedom of the press’, but sadly did not  guarantee ‘the TRUTH’. So we have had decades of lies, misrepresentations, false statements supported by an incompetent government in Washington, corrupt by any measure and owned by a foreign state.


Where do you find any truth in that environment? Any news worth a damn? But with RBTH, more than an even chance.

Living in another country allows people to be more objective about the US than growing up and living there. Americans are totally brainwashed!!

The graphic above mirrors the generally known Zionist media in the US.

It would be worth doing the same for the world, a valuable resource it would be to have all the Zionist media identified, including the sycophants, and Zionist jews in high places of influence.

For example, there would be a whole chapter on Murdoch, a Likudist if ever there was one. His empire stretches all around the world for decades and is only recently under investigation after the phone tapping scandal in the UK. But if it requires government resolve to address that problem in that over-populated Jewish parliament, to bring pressure on Agents Cameron and Hague to do something against the likes of Murdoch, you can close the book. It was Murdoch that elevated Cameron into power after all and he owes him, big time, forever.

But a listing of the corrupt media would be a document well able to be used, everywhere to make the tired and apathetic public realize that if they live in the USA, they are in the brainwashing zone per courtesy of those above and the hundreds of other Zionists, fellow-travellers, sycophants and just plain corrupt receivers of Jewish largesse, the best example being the US Congress making US laws as best suits the Zionist head office of the USA, called AIPAC.

The supplement RBTH states that it is published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russia) “which takes sole responsibility for the contents” . Do you ever see the New York Times committing themselves “to taking responsibility for the contents”?

The last time I read anything that was produced in Russia was in the very  early 1950?s, a beautifully produced magazine, the name of which escapes me, but a really quality piece of Russian reading, with lots of art, etc. it was called propaganda by the establishment at that time. I found it educational. But naturally, it was corrupt, it was from Russia.

Mind you, Russia was a friend and ally then and Stalin was dear old ‘Uncle Joe’. I even had his picture.

First impression is that the RBTH is much closer to the truth on world affairs than the Zionist media.  Now why would that surprise anyone?

Is this a sign of the times? A Russian newspaper, printed by the capitalist press in Australia, in the capital city of a subservient US sycophant, with a population of just 24 million, governed by Conservatives (at the moment), a part of that great British-based anachronism, the neo-colonialist Commonwealth of Nations (formerly British Commonwealth) and trying desperately through feckless government programs to equal the US debt (well, not quite) while its actions keep  being eroded by the energetic and well-organised efforts of Zionists. which Australia obligingly tolerates, no, even supports with all sorts of  incentives.

No cricket scores included yet. In fact NO SPORT at all. Heathens!

So, is a Russian supplement a sign of the times or is this a latter day version of The Madhatters Tea Party, under the influence of an excess of wild mushrooms?

Russians?  For fifty years I was always told they were barbarians who lived in caves in the snow, beat their children, drank Vodka to excess, danced in boots, sang in deep bass voices, hated the West and were irreligious. Have I been misinformed all these 60 years? Should I read anything from Russia. Will I turn into something evil?

Just too much change, far too quickly and suddenly after Fifty years of US propaganda and Australian subservience? Please do not pass this on to the American CIA or FBI, the Mossad,  the Australian Secret Service( just back from bugging the East Timor Parliament), Rupert Murdoch- master fabricator, even your next door neighbour unless you have known him / her for 60 years. And please do not mention to  anyone that I have read this RBTH issue or I will have my phone tapped, car followed,  be labelled a bloody Communist, or even much worse, a trade unionist.

I liked my life the way it was yesterday,  so reading things from a Russian viewpoint may be game changing for me.

Paul Findley They Dare to Speak Out

They Dare to Speak Out — by Congressman Paul Findley. This is the first book to dare to speak out against the pervasive influence of AIPAC (The America-Israeli Public Affairs Committee)

Too many decades of reading the world through the eyes of the USA, originally acceptable in 1950 because we knew no better,  but of recent years jaundiced and biased and corrupt and untruthful and owned by Zionists who years ago read the American character so well as they purposefully  infiltrated the USA with one thing in mind….control through graft, and yes, they succeeded.

It’s called the NEW WORLD ORDER and if you ain’t a Jew, you’re a Goyim and as such, you are out of the loop. Fact. Ask thrum. They’ll tell you happily.

They have owned the US politicians for a decade and if such a publication as this Russian effort representing the views of Putin and Lavrov, both far more credible than Obama and Kerry by a country mile,  eventually  finds its way across the Pacific and slips past the fascist minders of the CIA, the once-respected  FBI, Homeland Security and hundreds of  Zionist groups, we may find that the American voting turnout for the 2016 election may exceed 50% to rout the current corrupt politicians.

Unlikely though. They watch Fox News…Murdoch’s pap.

Boycott Zionist media totally. It is their #1 weapon against you and your future and your children’s future as well.


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