Jericho: Nazi Soldiers Demolish Three Residential Sheds, Destroy Solar Units

Nazi soldiers invaded the al-Mo’arrajat area west of Jericho in the northeastern West Bank before demolishing three residential sheds and destroying several solar power units used by the Palestinians.

Media sources said the Palestinians did not receive demolition orders; therefore, they had no chance of even trying to appeal the destruction of their dwellings.

They added that the demolished rendered homeless at least twenty-five Palestinians, including several children.

During the invasion, the Nazi soldiers destroyed several solar power units used by the families, especially since the area has no infrastructure due to Nazi’s illegal policies against the Palestinians.

Many families in the area face the same threat of demolition and displacement in al-Mo’arrajat, especially since illegal Nazi JEWISH colonizers plan to construct eight colonialist outposts on stolen Palestinian lands where the colonizers want to build barns and raise livestock after forcing the Palestinians away.

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