Jenin: Palestinian Young Man Succumbed to Critical Wounds

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Monday that the young man, Muhammad Ali Saeed Owais, 25, succumbed to critical gunshot wounds inflicted on him by the Nazi army in Jenin earlier this month.

On November 9, 2023, Nazi occupation forces invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp, killing fourteen Palestinians and injuring twenty others, including Owais who sustained critical injuries.

The death toll from the Israeli attack increased to fifteen with the death of Owais, while the other fourteen were identified as;

Mohammad Youssef Azzam Zayed, 15,

Ayham Mohammad Ibrahim Amer, 23,

Mohammad Nasser Hassan Mutahin, 30,

Ra’fat Akel Omar Abu Aqel, 21,

Mahmoud Hussein Ali Abu Al-Nada, 47,

Qais Raed Jamal Dweikat, 21,

Lutfi Sayel Howeiti, 21,

Mohammad Abdul-Karim Al-Sabagh, 30,

Mut’asem Fawaz Issa, 32,

Ahmad Mahmoud Shafiq Khalaf, 18,

Mohammad Tariq Hussein Fayed, 19,

Ibrahim Hassan Thaher Abahra, 25,

Ahmed Tayseer Mahmoud Abu Qtona, 22, and

Thaer Mohammad Marei Abu Qtona, 23.

On Monday evening, mourners gathered in front of the Jenin Governmental Hospital, marching through the streets carrying the body of the slain young man on their shoulders.

The funeral procession continued on to the Jenin refugee camp to the young man’s family home, where loved ones said their final goodbyes.

The funeral prayer was performed over his body before he was laid to rest in the Martyrs’ Cemetery in the Jenin refugee camp.

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