Jenin: Nazi Colonizers Damage Palestinian Cars

Illegal paramilitary Nazi JEWISH colonizers attacked and caused damage to many Palestinian cars and closed a main street in the Jenin governorate, in the West Bank’s northern part.

Media sources said the Nazi JEWISH colonizers hurled stones and attacked Palestinian cars driving on the Zibda village bridge southwest of Jenin, causing excessive damage.

The sources added that the Nazi JEWISH colonizers also closed the main street between Ya’bad and Barta’a, west and north of Jenin, hurled stones at Palestinian cars, causing damage, and closed the main Jenin-Tulkarem Road.

In related news, the army stopped and searched dozens of Palestinian cars at the Dotan military roadblock near Ya’bad and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

The Nazi soldiers also invaded the villages of Toura, Umm Dar, and Nazlet Zeid in the Ya’bad area, stormed and ransacked many homes and cars, and increased their deployment across the southwestern area of Jenin.

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