Jenin: Nazi Army Kills a Palestinian, Abducts Nine

A large Nazi army force invaded, in the early morning hours of Sunday, the northern West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp, killing a disabled Palestinian man and abducting nine young men.

In the predawn hours of Sunday, at least one hundred Nazi military vehicles including a bulldozer stormed the northern Nazi occupied West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp.

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[Video from Palestine TV]

The Nazi army was deployed in several neighborhoods, while several sharpshooters were positioned on the rooftops of citizens’ homes in several neighborhoods in the city, as flares lit up the night sky.

Nazi military drone circled the skies of Jenin, while sirens wailed throughout the city as the army invaded, later an Apache helicopter was reported overhead.

Armed Palestinian resistance fighters engaged in intense exchange of fire with the invading army, employing many explosive devices against the armored vehicles.

Nazi army shot and critically injured a disabled Palestinian man who soon after succumbed to live gunshot wounds.

Wissam Bakr, director of Jenin Governmental Hospital identified the slain man as Issam Hussein Al-Fayed, 46, who died after the army shot him at the entrance to the Jenin refugee camp.

The Nazi army detonated the doors of several homes, and ordered via loudspeakers that the Owais family evacuate their home in the “Khallet Al-Souha” area.

Among those the Nazi army abducted are AhmedMahmoudRaedKhalilHamza, and Ismail Owais, in addition to the young man, Nimr Jamil Mar’i, whom they assaulted. It was added that a Palestinian woman, Umm Nidal Kaakban was detained for several hours before being released.

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On the Jenin-Nablus Street, Nazi soldiers erected a flying military roadblock, detained an ambulance, in addition to intensifying its presence near the Ibn Sina and Jenin Governmental Hospitals, while obstructing the work of ambulances.

Military bulldozers tore up several streets and destroyed infrastructure, and caused damage to several Palestinian-owned vehicles.

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