Jenin is under attack

Dear John,
 I’m writing to you with sorrow and fury, as the Israeli military continues to escalate its deadly attack on the Palestinian city of Jenin.

In the early hours this morning, over 1,000 Israeli troops descended on Jenin, including the crowded Jenin refugee camp, in a brutal and wide-ranging military invasion. Reports say that at least ten Palestinians, including children, have been killed. 

The Israeli military invasion cut off water and electricity in Jenin, blocked ambulances from reaching injured Palestinians, attacked journalists, bulldozed homes and roads, and even attacked the Jenin Freedom Theater, where Palestinian families were seeking refuge. Israeli troops remain in the city — Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated that this invasion will continue for “as long as it takes.”

I’m sickened by this violence, representing an escalation from the already-unbearable status quo in the occupied West Bank. This attack on Jenin, including unprecedented Israeli airstrikes, is the largest invasion of a Palestinian city in the occupied West Bank in over 20 years.

And I’m enraged by the Biden administration’s refusal to condemn this horrific assault. It is the U.S. government’s ongoing complicity in the Israeli military’s crimes against Palestinians that allows these horrors to continue unabated — particularly the $3.8 billion that the U.S. unconditionally hands to the Israeli military every year.

As a Jewish organization, JVP refuses to stand by and watch as the U.S. funds such scenes of devastation. We’re channeling our anger into action, and we hope you’ll move with us. Join us this Thursday for a Power Hour for Palestine, where we’ll learn the latest about what’s happening on the ground and take targeted action in solidarity with Jenin.Register now.

The Israeli government is trying to sever Palestine from the rest of the world, cutting off Jenin’s water and electricity supplies and placing the city under military siege. We know that a different future is possible — one where Palestinian families and children are free from violent settlers and Israeli warplanes. To bring forth this better future depends on all of us to stand up, now, for liberation.

With love and rage,
Stefanie Fox
Executive Director

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